Saturday, February 10, 2018

I Am A Proud Racist

By "racist" I mean someone who recognizes the FACT that Whites are superior and that other races are inferior. And not only inferior, but criminally inclined and violent. Take a look at South Africa, for example. There White Farmers are being murdered by the violent jigaboos on an unprecedented scale.

Is this seriously what we want for the United States? A multicultural hell? I know I surely do not. This is why I support our excellent president's plan to greatly reduce the flow of immigrants from shithole nations. Yeah, when Trump called these countries "shitholes" the liberal media cried foul. But Trump told the truth. These countries (the ones inhabited by low-IQ violent jigs) ARE shitholes!

For this reason people say Trump is a "racist". But I am exactly the same sort of "racist". A person who thinks America should remain a majority White nation. Now, I am no "White Separatist", but if we could reverse course I'd be all for that. I refer to the demographic trend some refer to as the "browning of America".

That is why I am 100% behind our president and his desire for more immigration from White nations. There needs to be enough Whites to keep the violent jigs in their place. If, Ayn Rand forbid, this country ever becomes majority minority, we will be fucked. Just like in South Africa, where the murder rate of White farmers is through the roof, the jigs here will get a lot more violent. Mark my words! They can't help it because it is their nature.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of racism. LLIN-314.

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