Thursday, April 23, 2015

Is America Approaching Neo Fuedalism?

Does anyone take issue with the following? Is it reasonable to expect that when working 70 hours a week, as the gentleman who wrote the following does, a person is able to provide for the basic needs for their family and themselves without needing government assistant? Is it acceptable that government contractors make healthy profits and yet not provide decent wages for their employees? Is it ethical, moral? What, if anything should be done to rectify the unfairness, if that is what it really is? As we continue to see more economic stratification (rich/working poor) are you concerned about the long range negative and potentially volatile societal consequences that may occur?

American voters should ask themselves: if presidential candidates won't help the workers who serve them every day, will they really help the millions of low-wage American workers who they don't know or see? I'm a Bible-believing Christian, just like a lot of the candidates. Scripture says to "Love your neighbor" and "Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you". It's a shame too few candidates follow the guidance of the book in which they say they believe.

My employer, Compass Group, is renewing its contract with the US government today – but none of the senators or government officials to whom we serve food asked me or my co-workers whether this multinational corporation, headquartered in the United Kingdom, is treating American workers right. No-one bothered to check if the company that makes billions in profits is paying workers a living wage and offering decent benefits so we don't have to use public aid programs to meet our basic needs. (Excerpted from the article I am a cook in the US Senate but I still need food stamps to feed my children by Bertrand Olotara).

Bertrand Olotara says "I work 70 hours a week doing two jobs but cannot make ends meet". Lying Lester's response? I say Bertrand is a whiner who should acquire more skills if he wants more money. Given he is a low skilled loser, it is entirely appropriate that he receive low wages.

If he can't provide for his family, he shouldn't have one. How many kids does this loser have? Lying Lester suspects he has too many. I mean, he should have considered whether or not he could provide for children before he decided to father them. But irresponsibility is quite common among the Poors.

Now he needs government assistance in the form of food stamps to feed his family. And the government provides it - with assistance from Lying Lester (in the form of his tax dollars). Frankly Lying Lester finds this to be an outrage! I say let this loser's kid's starve.

Neither the taxpayer nor the employer should pay extra because a low skilled poor made a bad decision. Lying Lester says Olotara (a single father) should put his kids to work. That would provide extra income in addition to him not having to pay for daycare. Unfortunately child labor laws prevent this. Laws Lying Lester strongly believes should be done away with.

Under no condition should Compass Group be forced to pay Olotara any more than they negotiated. If Olotara does not like the pay he can find employment elsewhere. That is how the Free Market works! As a Objectivist Libertarian Lying Lester believes in the Free Market with all his heart. He does not believe, by the way, in "loving his neighbor" or "doing unto others as Lying Lester would have them do unto him".

That's pu$$y talk - at which Lying Lester laughs. Same as he laughs at those who speak of imaginary friends who live in the sky and look to books written by said invisible imaginary friend. Whenever strong belief in mysticism, regardless whether Allah or God, trumps sound science and objective philosophy a society is bound to lose liberty and freedom.

Is it ethical and moral for a corporation to make healthy profits and yet not provide decent wages for their employees? HELL YES it is! And Olotara, who went on strike for more money than what he negotiated for, should have his ass fired for walking off the job.

As far as Lying Lester is concerned, nothing at all should be done to rectify the "unfairness". Because it is VERY fair in Lying Lester's opinion that working Poors be paid low low wages while their employers get richer and richer.

The bottom line here is that America *is* approaching neo feudalism, and Lying Lester says that is a good thing. But enough with the "approaching" already! Get rid of the public aid programs completely and those who can't or won't work will starve. This will keep the remaining Poors in line and stop them from striking.

If Olotara's labor were truly worth more he could negotiate for a higher wage, instead of attempting to EXTORT it from his employer! My father, a manager and business owner always told his employees: "If I go to the candy store I'll take you with me". And he always did with those that were productive.

But he shouldn't have had to. Back then the economy was better and good employees could easily find employment elsewhere. Thank Ayn Rand those days are over! Now the Poors can be forced to work for lower and lower wages. Leaving those at the top with an ever growing portion of the candy.

Before long they will have the entire candy store to themselves and the Poors will have to get by on what their wealthy betters (the Makers) can't eat and throw away... Just thinking of this makes Lying Lester smile.

Byline: This excellent commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-158.