Thursday, May 12, 2016

If I Were A Serial Killer? My Victims Would Be Leftist Buffoons!

On TV programs or movies when the bad guy is a serial killer, the victims are usually prostitutes. If I were a serial killer, however? My victims would be Leftist buffoons. Not that I am even thinking of becoming a serial killer. I'm not. But if I were? The following people would DEFINITELY be on my kill list...

Stephen Colbert (a Leftist media buffoon who should quit so a woman can have his job), Barney Frank (a clueless crony-capitalist), Melissa Harris-Perry (a pseudo-intellectual, insular, pretentious, and virulent Leftist buffoon), Paul Krugman (a Leftist economist buffoon who laughably suggests an alien invasion would be beneficial), Chris Matthews (a hard-core partisan fool), John Oliver (a Leftist media buffoon who criticizes Donald Trump but not Hillary Clinton), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (a loathsome buffoon who I'd like to time travel to murder), as well as Comrade Bernie Sanders (not just a socialist but a dumb one).

If I could only chose one of the above to rape and murder? My first choice would be FDR (a truly evil man). But to kill him I'd need a time machine. But, since time machines don't exist, I'll go with Paul Krugman. Seriously, can you believe this fucking imbecile won a Nobel prize for economics?!! Yeah, hard to believe it wasn't for buffoonery! That's the one I'd have awarded him, as he SURELY deserves it.

Byline: This list was compiled by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of compiling lists of buffoons I'd like to brutally murder. LLIN-243.

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