Saturday, October 31, 2015

To The Progressive Left The Lives Of White People Apparently Do Not Matter

Have you noticed that when a racially motivated White person kills a black person it's racist, but when a racially motivated black person kills a White person it's an excuse to bring up gun-control?

Now, perhaps you can guess what white person I'm talking about. Dylann Roof, because he explicitly said his crime was motivated by racial hate (although that was only an anecdote). But what black person am I talking about? That's for me to know... and for you not to know.

We all know that Mookie and Ray-Ray (members of the "Black Lives Matter" movement, no doubt) would kill me to get my stuff. And they'd target me because I'm White. And, that's even though the State is already stealing a large portion of my stuff and giving it to them. But these greedy cocksuckers want it ALL!

What about the lives of those young journalists who were shot by a black dude in Virginia recently? Where they or were they not shot simply for being White? They don't matter? What about the police lieutenant in Fox Lake IL who was shot and killed... by a Black dude? I heard they're also looking for two White dudes, but come on! We all know the black dude was the shooter. Did that officer's life not matter?

Is Fox's Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Bill O'Reilly onto something when they say Black Lives Matter should be categorized as a hate group? Is Megyn Kelly correct to characterize the movement as violent and anti-police?

And that officer in IL is the second police shooting recently. A sheriff's deputy in Harris County TX was shot and killed by a black gunman in an apparent ambush.

Is this not proof that, instead of racist White rednecks (wearing sheets and carrying the Confederate flag) going around shooting Blacks en masse, what we should REALLY be worrying about is violently racist Black thugs going around shooting Whites en masse?

You KNOW it's coming. A race war being on the agenda of the "Black Lives Matter" movement, I strongly suspect. Due to their hatred for "Whitey"... which is motivated by their greed. These lazy blacks want the stuff that hard-working Whites like myself earned via our long hours of hard labor. And stupid White Progressives are helping them! They'll be sorry when the violent Blacks turn on them. But then it will be too late!

Me, I'm thinking I need to get a gun to defend myself when the violently racist blacks come for me. I suggest, if you're White, that you get yourself a gun too. In fact, I suggest you get yourself as many guns as possible. Along with a few thousand rounds of ammo.

If it isn't the violently racist blacks it will be the jackbooted thugs representing the Obama administration. But they're really one in the same, aren't they. I mean, Obama IS black.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of good racism. LLIN-185.

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