Friday, August 29, 2014

Lying Lester Asks: Is It Time For The Ascendancy Of The Libertarian Party?

With America's two major parties unable to get much done these days, and with both stuck in old paradigms or just plan nonsense, it is time, IMNHO (in my never humble opinion) to consider alternative minor parties. Libertarian is not a bad choice, although not one that would be endorsed by Ayn Rand, and for hose who have read her thoroughly know this.

Nonetheless, the Libertarian party offers an attractive alternative for hose concerned with an overreaching overarching federal government. Reaching into the pockets of rich people and stealing their wealth. The wealth they stole from workers by forcing them to work for low, low wages. Which, as the great Ayn Rand knew, is the reverse of the natural order of things, and therefore as unacceptable to Lying Lester as it was to Ms. Rand!

But now, with talk of Rand Paul possibly running for president, the time may finally be right. Because Rand would run as a rEpublican, and, what with oBama being a horrible pResident (due to the obstruction of the rEpublican congress) and with the dEmocrats foolishly thinking the American people might agree that it is "time" for a Lady president - right after it was "time" fore a lazy Black man to be POTUS - the time could be right to elect a Libertarian.

A recent New York Times magazine story asks if the "Libertarian Moment" has finally arrived, pointing out that there are still many Americans who do not have a clear sense of what "libertarian" means... which means the rAbble is ripe for being fooled into voting for Rand.

And, with about one-in-ten Americans (11%) describing themselves as Libertarian and actually knowing what the term means (running the country for the benefit of the wealthy), Lying Lester is VERY optimistic that Rand could get elected if he wins the nomination.

Although, as with his father, there is practically zero chance of that happening. So, to hedge his bets, Lying Lester plans on voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson if Rand Paul doesn't win the rEpublican nomination. That's two men versus one Lady. You may say Lying Lester's logic sounds like plan nonsense, but I am sure one of these Men will win if the only other choice is a chick.

Lying Lester has deluded himself into thinking "yes". The next president will most definitely be a Libertarian. Or the chances of this happening is quite good. If the American people can be fooled into thinking Rand's agenda is to shrink gOvernment so the rich can "create jobs". As opposed to his real agenda - which is also the Libertarian agenda - of shrinking gOvernment so the rich can destroy the middle class by stealing all their wealth.

Byline: This exercise in mental masturbation was jacked out by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of fantasies. LLIN-120.


  1. Several CONSERVATIVE bloggers have been repeating this misinformation (which they probably read on other rightwing blogs and news sites):
    "We do know from every media source that three representatives from the White House will attend Brown's funeral tomorrow. I think that at least one of those representatives went to school with Michael Brown's mother back in high school.
    In contrast, there was not a single representative from the Obama administration at the recent burial of Major General Greene at Arlington National Cemetery."

    The above claim is TOTALLY WRONG. This is what happens in the right wing blog sphere. They read a false claim and it spreads like wildfire.
    The fact is that President Obama's cabinet officer, Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel attended Major General Greene's funeral.

    Will the right wing blogs and news sites retract their abominable lie?

    "Right-wing media outlets criticized the Obama administration over news that three administration officials planned to attend shooting victim Michael Brown's funeral, citing the myth that the White House failed to send representation to the funeral of Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, who was killed in Afghanistan -- In reality, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel attended the two star general's service."

    I loved the part about using poor black Americans as pawns! I hate to sound mean, but this list is nuts.
    "No cover up"....Benghazi. I think I'd rather have a cover up than send the message to all future CIA intel people that we don't have their back. Go figure, huh? Please tell the deads' parents what really happened and why it did; it'd be good for us all to know because, it DOES matter to us.

    Well Frankly Shaw, We Don’t Give A Flying Fig, What YOU Think!....Touche'

  2. Oh fer cryin' out loud, would you give it a rest with the whining for a while? Racism will never be entirely eliminated. What a shock. And if being a white man in America is such a trauma for poor, put-upon little you then you are welcome to try your luck somewhere else. Just lay off the dramatics, it’s getting to be booing just like Shaw Kenya.