Tuesday, June 14, 2016

On HRC Being Convicted Of Treason For Sending/Receiving Classified Info Via eMail And Being Sentenced To Prison Before The Election

It is absolutely going to happen.

No wait, the fix is in. Barack Obama commanded the justice department not to indict her. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Why didn't I think of this before when I said it was likely HRC would be forced to run her campaign from a prison cell?

Surely the reason there appears to be no indictment of Miss Hillary forthcoming couldn't be because "plenty of people in Democratic and Republican administrations made some mistakes in following protocol for emails [but, as per] the recent report released by the inspector general of the State Department... there is no Clinton email scandal".

Because if this were true, it would mean I was totally full of shit before. And me being CONVINCED that HRC was going to be charged was due to nothing but my misogynistic hate for HRC.

Sorry, but no. That was not the reason! Ronald Kessler (a 2-time winner of the Peabody award and an individual who has consistently criticized presidents from both parties) said that FBI director Jim Comey is a man of great integrity and would indict Hillary even if Obama didn't want him to.

I guess Obama got to him!

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-267.

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