Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Viewing Assignment (Re Leon Trotsky)

Following is an interesting discussion with Hitchens and Service at the Hoover Institute via Youtube. Lying Lester requests that you watch the video (below) then share your thoughts and musings. I look forward to a lively and thought provoking discussion.


Byline: This rational commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-132.


  1. The only thing left is for wd to quote him. Lenin, that is. He already quoted Stalin to buttress his opinion, so why no Lenin as well?

  2. Quoting Stalin (or Lenin) is one thing, as part of an argument or fairly scholarly discourse. (i.e. you quoting Michael Mann's non-scientific statements).

    Presenting as a positive thing an evil quotation which is central to their justification for killing tens of millions of people, as wd did, is another thing entirely.

  3. You are both f*cking liars. I did not quote Stalin to "buttress my opinion", and I absolutely did not present as a positive thing any "evil quotation", as the quotation was not evil. The evil was that Stalin lied. He did not use the sentiment behind the quote as "justification for killing tens of millions of people". He betrayed the sentiment behind the quote and killed mostly poor people. Dennis is an idiot who has abstracted himself from fundamental facts. And Willis continuing to lie about this is yet another low point for a fellow whose entire life has been one giant limbo contest.

  4. Very nice way to treat your readers, calling then "Fucking Liars".
    This only shows what idiots you Liberials are.

  5. Mr. Jamerson is correct. So what if Will and I are telling virulent lies about wd? What is important is that wd swore, which is a lot worse than lying about someone... wd has a lot of nerve calling Will and myself on our lies!

  6. Back to Lenin - In looking closely at the words actual of this dedicated Marxist, instead of starry-eyed praise written by the faithful like wd, one can see truly monstrous individual proud of the blood dripping from his hands. But wd no doubt applauds the mass murders that took place as well.

    To refer back to the discussion on Les' other blog about whether Russia/the USSR would have been different under Trotsky than Stalin.... there is evidence that it possibly could have been even worse. I don't think one can casually dismissed this remarkable example of distilled human evil with saying that "he was no humanitarian".

    Except for wd, of course. I wonder if he agrees with what Lenin said in his later writings, which was that Stalin was not brutal enough. Given that wd is a huge fan of Mao as well (along with the anti-Semitic Jew, Noam Chomsky), I would not be surprised at all. That is likely one "flaw" with Stalin that wd could point to... that he did not murder enough...

    But wd ignores the fact that, in the vast majority of cases, the necks hewn by this sword belonged to the peasant, the workers, and the lower classes. Strange, given wd's hatred for his betters (the Makers), but that is what happens under Socialism. The historical facts bear this out, which is something wd MUST realize... which means he's OK with the mass murdering. He probably thinks it's necessary so there is enough to go around, after the wealth is "redistributed".