Friday, January 8, 2016

Bernie Sanders Is A Socialist For Christ! Also a Fucking Moron

Did you know that the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal Rank Denmark (Switzerland and Canada, too) ahead of the United States on their Index of Economic Freedom? That fucking cocksucker Bernie Sanders doesn't know that, obviously. This is the coward who didn't have the guts to say that all fucking lives matter during the Democratic debate.

Denmark, Switzerland and Canada are countries that have universal healthcare and where the ratio of CEO/worker pay is dramatically lesser. They also have significantly higher minimum wages. In the US our lowest paid workers earn $7.25 an hour. However, in Canada they earn $12.50 per hour, in Switzerland 14-28, and in Denmark 21. No doubt Bernie wants to emulate them in that regard.

However, while those countries have high individual tax rates, they also have much less regulation (making it much easier to start and manage a company) and a lower corporate tax rate. On that front I bet that Bernie would strongly disagree with Denmark, Switzerland and Canada. I feel it in my gut that Bernie wants to bring even MORE profit-lowering regulations to the US... in order to slightly lower profits for big businesses. Bernie knows that close to 1/3rd of new jobs are being created by big businesses, and he wants to eliminate their ability to hire people for slave wages. Because he hates wealthy employers so much.

This is why scoundrels like Sanders want the minimum wage to be so high. These socialist dumbshits want businesses to be forced to fire people simply because they can't afford to pay them a living wage (Outrageous!). Bernie Sanders is a socialist moron! Yes, in Denmark, Switzerland and Canada the minimum wage is a lot higher, but we can't have a high minimum wage in the United States because the US-based plutocrats demand it!

Maybe if our government were to cut them some slack in the regulation department they'd be open to a higher minimum wage? Absolutely not. The US plutocrats desire both deregulation and low low wages. This is because the US is exceptional. Our plutocrats are exception and deserve to be treated thusly.

Byline: This awesome commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of bowing down to our oligarchs. LLIN-195.

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