Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lying Lester Believes The Atlases Should Shrug, Frankly

"Village idiot" is what the pRogressive collectivists call me, and you too can call me that if you like. Go ahead, I am used to it. Fact is I am damn proud of earning that moniker. I really don't care what the progressive collectivists think of my values and principles or the political views I hold.

Frankly I don't care because I know I am right. Since any rational value system must be based on objectivity, rather than emotionalism, the lEft always loses on purely logical and rational grounds. However, don't bother to attempt a rational discussion with them on this point because their emotionalism and altruistic inbred tendencies will of course make it impossible.

For pRogressives the Leviathan government is everything desirable (or needed) to take care of the needs of the people. For the sTatist the gOvernment IS the answer to all of the societal problems facing our nation today. Frankly, they simply refuse to recognize that gOvernment creates more problems than it solves.

On the other hand the rational adult realizes the road to success is the one that is paved by personal commitment, hard work, dedication, the pursuit of excellence, individual initiative, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, the willingness to accept personal responsibility, the desire not only succeed but to be the very best at what they do, and the ability to bounce back when they fail. Above all they recognize that the Government is not the answer to their problems nor should it be considered the answer.

Sure, some people may fail due to no fault of their own. And some may fail and it is their own fault. But should we kick these people to the gutter instead of helping them up so they can acknowledge their mistakes (if they made any), and try again? Lying Lester frankly says YES.

Frankly, Lying Lester believes compassion for your fellow man is a weakness. Lying Lester cares only for himself and says "screw you" to those who try and fail and don't bounce back on their own. Frankly these people are garbage and need to be tossed out (figuratively). Frankly, I wish gOvernment would just get out of the way and allow people to either sink or swim.

That way the cream would rise to the top (which would include people like Lying Lester, BTW). Instead successful people like myself are drug down by taxing us to pay for handouts for society's losers. Perhaps it is time that us "Atlases" shrugged as they did in the great philosopher Ayn Rand's book? As long as the John Galts of the world are willing to continue to work their proverbial asses off and continue producing we'll be okay.

For a little while longer. But the clock is ticking. Sooner or later there will not be any John Galts left. An altruistic and collectivist nation and world will have sucked the energy and life out of us. This is why I believe the Atlases like me should shrug like John Galt did in the great philosopher's novel.

What would this "shrugging" entail? Frankly, it would be voting Libertarian. Vote Libertarian and shrug off the Leviathan government that both the lEft and the Right support. Frankly it is the only hope we have of avoiding the total destruction of our country at the hands of the Takers.

Byline: These wise words of reflection were authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of reactionaryism, frankly. LLIN-029.


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