Monday, September 1, 2014

ISIS Must Be Stopped By Reinvading Iraq & Slaughtering All Muslims Who Refuse To Denounce The "Prophet" Mohammed

As the irrational, barbaric, savage, and murderous ISIS continues its quest to impose the will of the pRophet mOhammed on everyone another rational voice is heard... and it is, not surprisingly, not bArack oBama's. Obama, being a lazy Black man (and I use the term loosely) is only willing to take half measures.

Lying Lester knows what must be done, but does the US have the will to do it? Perhaps, but only if our next president is not a pansy lIberal pRogressive. The United States cannot go it alone in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the extremist group known as ISIS whose ruthlessness and killing has dumbfounded and horrified the civilized world.

American airstrikes and other assistance from the United States have brought some measure of relief to religious minorities and others that ISIS has threatened. But defeating, or even substantially degrading, ISIS will require an organized, longer-term response involving a broad coalition of nations, including other mUslin countries, and addressing not only the military threat but political and religious issues.

So, will other mUslin countries join with the United States? They will, if they know what's good for them! So, I'm no neo con hawk, but this shit cancer ain't gonna go away by playing nice with the scum. They're ultimately going to come after us. Most likely with a dirty nuke.

Which is why Lying Lester says they are either with us, or they are against us. And why we might think about nuking them before they nuke us! Just like the lIberal pRogressives who are against us, Lying Lester says the mUslin scum must die. Or be rejected at the polls... that, in regards to the evil pRogressives.

Unfortunately voting out the lEftist mUslin terrorist sympathizers is the only way we can get rid of them. Fortunately killing foreigners is OK. So long as they are mUslin, at least. We've already killed a large number of them in our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and nobody gave a crap, so Lying Lester says why not kill many more?

So, while Lying Lester may have been against the Iraq war as started by former president George W. Bush, now he says we might have to go back in. And this time we KILL as many of the smelly, flea and lice infested mUslins as we possibly can. Unless they agree to denounce the evil false prophet mOhamed.

Then we MIGHT let them live. Or kill them anyway... if we drop a few nukes. Those pretty much kill anyone in the vicinity indiscriminately.

Byline: This excellent and non Islamophobic commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-123.

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