Monday, February 1, 2016

On the Fact That That Cocksucker FDR Campaigned (in 1932) As A Grover Cleveland/Al Smith Democrat & Quickly Did A 180 Once Elected

It is without a doubt one of the most blatant political bait-and-switch episodes in modern history (the Roosevelt campaign even going as far as to say that Hoover was leading the country down the road to socialism).

And Bernie Sanders (the fucking asshole) would obviously LOVE to be the next FDR, for christ! Yeah, he'd likely be unable to give away as much other people's money as he'd like (Congressional Democrats, not to mention Republicans, would stop him). But should we give him the chance?

I say no. As I mentioned in my previous commentary, the world's richest 62 people now have as much wealth as the other half of world's population. That's half of 7.4 Billion people! Which means that 62 awesome rich people have as much wealth as 3.7 Billion pathetic Poors.

By the way (in regards to FDR), as you recall he was elected 4 freaking times, so the people obviously loved his democratic Socialist policies. But we're too far down the road to oligarchy for that to happen again. Or I pray to god we are, at least (by which I mean I pray to Rockefeller).

Yes, it's true that FDR's presidency set up an era of prosperity for all that lasted until Ronald Reagan was elected. It was "morning in America", and the nation's wealthy makers rejoiced.

Since that time the Democratic Party went corporate (with WJC declaring himself a "New Democrat" and champion of the "3rd way") and our journey toward oligarchy and the crushing into oblivion of the middle class continues. Yes, this process would likely continue under a president HRC, just as it has under Obama. But a president Sanders? I think that cocksucker might just reverse course. Which would be unthinkable.

Me, I'm voting for Gary Johnson because under a Johnson administration the accelerator would be pushed down to the floor and we'd speed along at an even faster rate down the road to plutocracy. Because who wants prosperity for all? People who work hard shouldn't be able to get ahead, should they? Not if the work they're doing is manual low-skilled labor, they shouldn't.

First, these kind of chimpanzee jobs should be shipped out to 3rd world shitholes and done by brown and yellow people. Secondly, those jobs that aren't shipped out should be done by Blacks here. Think about it. We've got a lot of unemployed Black youths... why not get rid of the minimum wage so employers will hire them?

I mean, OBVIOUSLY the labor of these Black youths isn't worth as much as that of a White worker. They might not work for $0 an hour (unless the jobs were called internships and employers convinced them they could get higher paying jobs after working for nothing for awhile to gain experience) but that doesn't mean these Black youths couldn't be convinced to work for very close to $0 an hour. I say yet's try it and see how low they'll go.

And, with all tariffs abolished and the minimum wage gone more money can flow to the top. As opposed to workers and the Middle class. In my opinion we need to get SERIOUS about increasing income inequality. Super serious. Which is why I don't consider myself a Democrat or a Republican. 62 people having as much wealth as 3.7 billion is a good start, but I KNOW we can do better!

Byline: This awesome commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of profanity. LLIN-198.

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