Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As the Senseful Violence Continues

In the spirit of Patriotism no doubt "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher (JTP) in one breath offered condolences to the slain victims of the UCSB shooting and in the next declared that "your dead kids don't trump my Constitutional rights". Technically I know he's right. Depending of course on how one interprets the 2nd Amendment. But that is what lIberal pRogressives do... "interpret". Lying Lester believes in following the Constitution as written.

Support for the 2nd Amendment and the right for the populace to bear arms for hunting and sport is something I believe the majority of of Americans are fine with. As well as their use in self defense, which is something Lying Lester takes seriously. Seriously, I'll blow your head off if you break into my home. Fewer people are OK with this (pansy lIberals, for example). They think criminals who break into your home have more rights than you do!.

In any case, the right to own firearms must be regulated and uniformly applied across the nation... if one does not believe in the 10th amendment, that is. Our patchwork of gun regulations and laws have done little to control the firearm violence that has spread in recent years, but that is the price that must be paid to ensure Liberty.

Firearm manufactures with their money and lobbyists, along with the NRA have effectively stymied any reasonable, responsible, and needed national policy to improve the public's safety with respect to firearms and the violence that no one can deny is increasing at an alarming rate. For a civilized people to accept the level of firearm violence the USA is experiencing and do nothing is admirable in Lying Lester's opinion. It shows we have a strong dedication to maximum Liberty.

One has to question exactly what the Founders would say today if they had a voice. They might say something about the 2nd amendment being about militias and not about an individual having the right to buy and own unlimited firearms with little regulation and that court rulings saying otherwise are a twisting of the amendment.

Or they might not. Lying Lester thinks people who say that would be the position of the Founders are gun-grabbing Constitution-hating lIberals who want to trample on my rights! In regards to what the Founders might REALLY say, I suspect they would not take the present position of the NRA and the firearms manufactures. It is is more likely they would find a way to protect the concerns of legitimate firearm owners and yet institute safeguards that more effectively protect the general public.

My right to own a firearm for the purpose of hunting and sporting is protected by the 2nd Amendment. However, what about the mentally unbalanced individual who wants to mow down people he doesn't like with a semiautomatic weapon or a handgun? These loons are the ones who SHOULD have their 2nd amendment rights taken away, yet we have states with open carry and such lax regulations that it is not difficult for anyone to acquire a firearm.

Please understand that I am a strong supporter of the 2nd and the ABSOLUTE Right of responsible law abiding citizens to own as many firearms as they want, withOUT having to register them with the gOvernment. I am however, like most people, against the needless death of innocent people that occurs when a cRazy gets hold of a gun. Especially when we can do something about it, like institutionalize them. Unfortunately money and the NRA seem to trump common sense.

So, as far as JTP goes, he was RIGHT when he said "as harsh as this sounds – your dead kids don't trump my Constitutional rights". Joe the Plumber is very much concerned about the gun-grab extremists, as is Lying Lester. But Lying Lester doesn't think we should do nothing. Lying Lester thinks we need to take away 2nd rights from those who don't deserve them. The cRazies, in other words.

And we ALL KNOW the kid who killed those young women was a cRazy, due to the videos he posted on YouTube. So why couldn't the cops grab him and send him to a mental institution where he belonged? Those are the laws that need to be changed. If you're obviously a cRazy you should be locked up, or at least kept away from guns.

In that regard Lying Lester stands with JTP. There is no way in hell 2nd supporters (like Joe and myself) will stand for the exploiting of these types of tragedies by the gun-grab extremists of the anti-Second Amendment lEft. Believe you me, Lying Lester is willing to lay down his life to protect his RIGHT to own as many guns as he pleases. On the day the lIberal pRogressive gestapo comes for Lying Lester, I will USE my guns to take as many of them to the grave with me as possible.

Remember a certain group of people that were led willing to Hitler's gas chambers? Well, Lying Lester sure as hell won't go willing to the lIberal pRogressive gas chambers... and that in no way makes Lying Lester a "cRazy" - it makes him a rational Freedom and Liberty loving Patriot.

Byline: This Constitution-affirming commentary was typed out by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-072.


  1. Sadly, that is what we have now, as we saw over the weekend. Elliot Rodger’s individual right to bear arms trumped the public good. And people were shot as a result


  2. What about that damn Knife Lobby? How do we allow Rodgers and his ilk to carry knives? This crazy bastard slashed three people to death. Why do we allow insane people the ability to buy knives? We must have stronger regulation on the sale and purchase of knives. Until we tighten the sale of knives we will continue to see people hacked to death.

  3. Pure stupidity from Rusty, as usual. Killing someone with a gun is a LOT easier. And there are far more murders committed with guns than with knives. And, of course, someone cannot kill from a distance with a knife. This is simply one of the stupider canards the gun nuts like to throw out there in defense of their gun nuttery.