Monday, May 12, 2014

Lying Lester Worries Greatly About sOcialist dIctators

Back in October of 2012 Lying Lester authored a post for rAtional nAtion uSA (my other blog) titled "Obama Eyeing Control Of CEO's Compensation By the Government".

The President is interested in dictating CEO's compensation. Government control of salary rather than market determination. First the CEO and executives of companies. How long one wonders before this President and his progressive dEmocrat party comes after salaries of the next echelon of managers. And so on. Remember, socialism takes many forms. One is called fascism. Like communism it subjugates the individual and individual initiative and success to the "collective good" of society. Or put another way what an all powerful government by the few decides is good.

Well, almost two years have passed and, as we know, nothing of the sort ever came to pass. Or was even proposed. So WTF was Lying Lester talking about? Turns out this was one of the many times I pranked my readers with bullpucky about "oBama the dIctator". Frankly it surprises me how gullible the people who read RNUSA can be.

Actually, this fearmongering concerning the pResident "dictating" came about as a reaction to a Rolling Stone interview in which the pResident said "the next important step for making the financial sector safer is to make sure executive pay is less closely tied to risky bets" and that "the single biggest thing that [he] would like to see is changing incentives on Wall Street and how people get compensated".

So, he said he'd LIKE to see CEOs not getting rewarded for risky behavior, but did he propose "dictating compensation"? In retrospect all this sounds like now is wishful thinking by oBama. Lying Lester would have egg on his face, but as I said earlier, I was playing a prank on my readers.

Now, this particular post did not get many responses, but one reader who loves the CEO aristocracy and fights (on his own blog) to defend their greed (one Willis Hart) said "I could see if the company in question had gotten some bailout money but, other than that, no way, Jose".

So, only one person fell for this utter nonsense, and it is a foolish individual who was inclined to believe that our wealthy "nobles" (or CEOs) stealing from workers with exorbitant pay for themselves is the natural order of things.

Although Lying Lester is very much in agreement with his friend Willis. What an outrage it would be if our wealthy overlords were to have their pay dictated to them by this sOcialist pRogressive POTUS? Sure, he only wished for CEO pay to not be based on reckless risk taking and never actually did much. BUT...

It could conceivably happen, and Lying Lester can absolutely not stand for this possibility (however unlikely) to be possible. Rich CEOs should remain the absolute authority when it comes to such matters. Yes, they are Gods among men and mere mortals (not even a POTUS) have the right to tell them how much compensation they should take out of their respective companies, nor how much risky behavior they should engage in.

If they make the right decisions they should be greatly rewarded, and if they make the wrong decisions they should be allowed to fail (no bAilouts). That is the beauty of capitalism, and sOcialists only muck it up when they attempt to rEgulate and (possibly worse) fix it when things go "wrong" by bailing out those who made bad decisions.

Could our economy run a lot smoother if we did things the lIberal pRogressive way and did not allow a small number of CEOs of large multinational companies to have so much power and control so much wealth? Absolutely. But that would mean more laws and more rEgulation, and that, my fRiends, is antithetical to liberty.

Sure, here we're only talking about the liberty of rich fu*ks to destroy our economy, but are not the rich deserving of liberty? Lying Lester says - nay he shouts - YES!! Yes they are. In fact Lying Lester asserts that the liberty of these rich fu*ks is far more valuable than the liberty of ordinary people.

Post Authorship Attribution: This revelation of a prank on the readers of RNUSA was made by a LOLing Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor pranking RNUSA readers (AKA my dupes). LLIN-049.

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