Saturday, March 29, 2014

Extreme Irrationality Totally Normal For Lying Lester

Over on my other blog I'm promoting the hell out of this new blog of mine... with the hope of driving some traffic here. This new blog, in contrast to RNUSA will be totally serious. I may even transition from RNUSA to this sight (making this one my primary blog). I do, however encourage all who are desirous of a belly splitting laugh to visit RNUSA, which is (and always has been) my humor/satire blog... which explains the joke of my attributing this blog to someone else... when the person responsible is, of course, me, Lying Lester.

In any case - and just to be clear - I lied on RNUSA when I said someone other than me created this blog. The narrative put forward on the RNUSA sight is that this other blogger was "driven mad" by my superior wit and rational thought, and the only way he could retaliate was to set up this "spoof" blog. Or, that is what I fooled one commenter into believing, at least.

But the truth is that I, Lying Lester, am solely responsible for this blog, as I already mentioned. While I'd like to believe (and have others believe) that I drove this other blogger mad, nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is that I'm a bit jealous of the wit and intelligence of this other blogger, which is why I banned him from my sight and lied about him being a hypocrite and less than truthful. His 100 percent truthful arguments were simply too compelling to allow them to stand. I mean, it was totally frustrating for me to post on whatever topic and then have this individual come along and totally destroy my logic.

Not to mention the fact that two of my regulars (Will Hart and dmarks) were continually having their butts whooped (metaphorically) by this other blogger. Which is why he had to go. Although I did have some fun with him for awhile... publishing some of his comments while rejecting others. And attempting to turn the commenting on his blog into a "crap fest". I am embarrassed to say that acting like a total a-hole on his blog gave me great pleasure.

So, why the complete honesty here, you might ask? Why not lie as I usually do? Aside from this NOT being a humor blog... I don't know. It might be that deep down I have a lot of respect for him (the person I banned)? Or it might be that I simply needed a place where I could cut loose and be a tiny bit more honest?

All the lying I do every day, both on my primary blog, as well as on the blogs of several others who I visit regularly, can take a toll on a person. Even if it is all just in good fun. Also, confession is good for the soul... or so I hear. Although I am a godless atheist, so I don't know why I'd listen to any advice put forward by any person of faith.

No, the real reason that I'm confessing here while saying something contrary elsewhere (in attributing this blog to someone who is not me) is because I am a very irrational person. As per the definition, I am acting in a manner not in accordance with reason, or utterly illogically... which is actually quite within the norm for me, Lying Lester.

And, if you are having a hard time believing me on that, I promise to provide some examples with my upcoming commentaries. These are commentaries that will surely prove that I, Lying Lester, am a completely illogical fellow who believes in acting irrationally... which is, believe it or not, very much in line with how the great philosopher lived her life (see my last post for my thoughts on that subject).

Or, it could be an elaborate hoax, that I, Lester Nation, am perpatrating in order to feed my ego. Set up a "spoof" blog and blame it on some other guy that I wish others to think poorly of. Yeah, that might work. That, or the irrational thing. Either one could explain the existence of this blog. Or this could indeed be a spoof blog. But I consider that explanation to be very unlikely. In the end I will leave it for you to decide, but you'd be a fool to think that last option is the one that is correct... but that is only the opinion of an admitted liar.

Byline: This 3rd - and extremely irrational LLIN commentary - was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of irrationality. LLIN-003.


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