Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On The Fact That Willis Hart Is Smart And You Are Dumb

The average voter in America being dumber than a box of rocks (all too willing to accept the whole "free lunch" narrative), it's not a high bar. So, given that fact, I, Willis Hart am a genius in comparison. Also not in comparison, but in reality as well. Being a Libertarian, and given the fact that Libertarians are an insignificant voting block, clearly I'm in the 1% of the smartest individuals on the plant (or less, given that Gary Johnson received less than 1% of the vote).

Which brings me to an individual longtime readers of this blog will surely be familiar with, a man who used to blog here under the moniker "Lying Lester" (AKA Les Carpenter of RNUSA). A man who used to identify as an anarcho-captitalist (a batshit crazy Libertarian offshoot, followers of which believe in subjagation for the poors. Or death if they refuse to submit).

Les Carpenter also worshiped the great philosopher Ayn Rand (she who rightly identified greedy poors as parasites) and thoroughly despised the Progressive Left. And, it was for these reasons I USED to have great respect for him. Because we were so very strongly in agreement, as I believe in all these things as well... I'm batshit crazy, hate poors and progressives (I'd have added that I also worship Rand, but that would be redundant, as all worshippers of Rand are batshit crazy).

But now Les has degenerated into somebody who essentially signs off on every cockamamie Leftist notion under the damned sun - from demonizing fossil fuels to playing the race card to demagoguing on income inequality, class warfare, etc. Which makes me wonder what the fuck happened? He's getting up there in years, so perhaps it's senility? Perhaps he fell and hit his head and is suffering from brain damage? (Or, perhaps it's that the hit to the head reversed some pre-existing brain damage?)

Whatever the explanation, this is exponentially far from normal behavior and, yes, when you throw in the whole Jersey McJones alter-ego, it's damned near psychotic. Now he agrees with that asshole Bernie Sanders that government confiscation on a frightening scale is exactly what the US needs?!

Me? I know it won't make America great again. And yeah, that's a nod to Donald Trump. A candidate who might not be so bad, but that's only compared to the others (who are all terrible beyond comprehension). Which is why I'm voting for Gary Johnson, the only man who can save America. Although Trump might not do too much damage as potus.

Which is why I'm hoping that if our next president isn't Gary Johnson (the candidate the electorate is too dumb to vote for) then it's Donald Trump. Although it SHOULD be Johnson. But, like I said, the electorate is way too dumb to elect him.

Les Carpenter SAYS he's voting for Johnson, but he also bashes Donald Trump non-stop on his blog, which seriously disappoints me. And has written positive things about that fucker Comrade Sanders, as well as slammed me for pointing out how violent Black people are (in agreement with the hard-core racial demagogue, Octopus). Fuck both of them!

Image: A simple depiction of why I support anarcho-capitalism, a system under which worthless scumbag poors are forced to submit to their wealthy superiors... or die.

Byline: This hyper-intelligent commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts and proud worshipper of our wealthy overlords. LLIN-223.

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