Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bernie Sanders Is A Dimwitted Bastard, An Economically Illiterate Sniveling Coward & An Embarassment!

I mean, COME ON! This moron is a United States Senator?! Proof positive that many voters are drooling idiots who only care about free stuff! That is the only explanation I can come up with as to how this fucking asshole got elected to congress. He's a fucking socialist, for Christ!

Sanders is such a sniveling coward that he allowed Black Lives Matter Movement racists to strong-arm him at his own fucking rally, pilfer his microphone and insult his audience! And Sanders just rolled over like a diabetic old hound-dog!

This is one thing Donald Trump can't be criticized for. If anyone at any of his rallies gets out of line they get roughed up! But the dim bastard Sanders wouldn't know a Sister Souljah moment if it started performing fellatio on him.

Sanders is so gutless that he can't call out Black Lives Matter for the extremist movement that it is. I find it highly offensive that Black folks are blaming law enforcement and the White community for Blacks getting killed. The hypocrites ignore how many of their community are killed by other Blacks (gangbangers like Mookie, Ray-Ray, Dre, Slice, etc)!

Sure, police violence may be their issue, so me criticizing them for this is akin to taking issue with the American Cancer Society not saying anything about drownings, but I STILL say they should! The BLM movement should ignore these police shootings and focus on Black on Black violence, IMO.

So the hell what if an unarmed Black suspect is gunned down by the cops? They've got dangerous jobs, for Christ! Better to be safe (and gun down that Black man) than take a chance with their lives, I say. We know that most of these Africoon Americans have zero earning potential, so who the hell cares if the police have to blow a few of these fucking losers away when they probably would have ended up being murdered in several years anyway?

But what would you expect from a sniveling coward like Sanders? This is the asshole who went crawling to that fucking racist minstrel Sharpton! What an embarrassment.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-209.

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