Saturday, March 28, 2015

Lying Lester Dissembles About Fascism

Fascism is typically viewed as a lEftist political and economic system. This is true if lEftist is to mean a strong central government with great influence on and regulation over a nation's economic matters. In other words private ownership of business exists but the government essentially establishes economic policy through over burdensome regulations.

As an adherent of the great philosopher Ayn Rand, this is a view that I share. Even though it is complete BS. Some view conservatives and rEpublicans as drivers of our politics and government in the direction towards fascism, which is a lot closer to the truth. Like Mussolini, rEpublicans want to put business in control by freeing them from "over regulation" and "over taxation".

And by placing the burden of taxation on the lower classes, where it belongs. Anyway, while Lying Lester acknowledges that he STRONGLY desires that the United States go fascist, he will continue to lie (as in the opening paragraph of this commentary) and claim that lEftism leads to fascism.

Because the rAbble fears fascism, even though Lying Lester recognizes that under fascism the deserving wealthy are in charge (as they should be). Although some quack named Dr. Lawrence Britt claims that, when combined with other traits exhibited by fascism, the case can be made that it is conservatives and rEpublicans who are more likely to meet the criteria for fascism.

I call the guy a quack not because he is wrong, but because he may cause some of the rAbble to wake up to the truth. The truth about rEpublicans and fascism, that is. Which, if the dream of bringing fascism to the United States is to be realized, is a truth that must be concealed.

For more on this truth I recommend Dr. Leonard Peikoff's work entitled The Ominous Parallels, a fabulous book on the parallels between Nazi Germany and modern day uSA. Note the book was published in 1982 and supports at least in part Dr. Britt's list of 14 characteristics of fascism.

So, after reading the list by Dr. Britt (and considering what you know about fascism) I thought it would be fun to see how many characteristics of fascism you identify as existing in out political and governmental systems today under the Obama Administration. I suspect not that many, or fewer than under the bush administration.

But associating the lEftist Obama with fascism is, as I pointed out earlier, necessary to frighten the gullible rAbble into voting rEpublican. Or perhaps (and this would be preferable), Libertarian. Because the Libertarians are with the rEpublicans when it comes to putting the wealthy in charge.

Although - and this is where the crucial difference comes in - Libertarians are for getting government out of the way completely. Unlike the rEpublicans politicians, who favor leaving themselves in place as corrupt middlemen (skimming off some of the booty stolen from the people for themselves). That "booty" being money and power.

Libertarians, on the other hand, strongly disagree with the concept of a corrupt political class receiving any of this booty. In the opinion of the Libertarians this booty should go exclusively to our wealthy overlords - and the political class should be eliminated - or "shrunk" so as to eliminate the voice of The People (AKA the rAbble) entirely.

Because, even though under dEmocracy the plutocrats have done a decent job bribing our elected representatives (corrupting most rEpublican and many conservative dEmocrats), there still are some politicians who actually listen to The People and try to do their will.

Obviously this is unacceptable and, while this course may EVENTUALLY lead to fascism, the only way to get their QUICKLY is by going Libertarian (which is the reason this sight supports Gary Johnson for President in 2016). Only then (under Libertarianism) will fascism be brought quickly and completely to the United States.

But back to my noble desire to dissemble on fascism and pin the accusation on lEftist pRogressivism, as my colleague dmarks does over on my other (spoof) blog rAtional nAtion uSA by lying about labor unions.

According to the (2nd) quack I site above, "labor power is suppressed - because the organizing power of labor is the only real threat to a fascist government [and under fascism] labor unions are either eliminated entirely, or are severely suppressed".

dmarks spins this with a reference to Right To Work (RTW) as empowering workers, because Labor Unions are "crushing labor rights by bullying workers into [them] against their will".

Ha, ha, ha. You've got to admire an individual who is willing to tell such audacious and patently absurd lies like dmarks. Because, in all honesty, RTW is designed to kill unions, thus enabling the plutocrats free rain to bully and take advantage of workers. But, as one NAZI fascist said, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it".

Spreading the "big lies" that will benefit our wealthy overlords when the rAbble believe them is the objective on my other blog, rAtional nAtion uSA. dmarks buys into one of these big lies concerning Labor. I'd say "hats off" to him in helping spread this lie, but the deluded doofus actually believes the BS he spouts, which is quite sad and pathetic.

But also fortunate, in that even if it is deluded doofuses spreading these Big Lies - as opposed to people who KNOW they are dissembling (people like Lying Lester) - the spreading of these lies will still work to the benefit of our wealthy betters.

The thing to remember is that Blue Dogs (corporate dEms) like Obama should be painted with the fascist brush, because even if a corporate dEmocrat like Obama is in charge, the end result is an empowering of other dEmocrats, including pRogressive dEmocrats, the most dangerous wing of the dEmocratic pArty. Dangerous because they actually listen to The People (AKA the rAbble).

Also remember that pRogressive dEmocrats are the ENEMY. The enemy of hard working Makers like Lying Lester who's only desire is to see the deserving Wealthy come to power and remake (or "fundamentally transform") America by subjugating the rAbble and seizing ALL the power and (most) of the money. Thus fulfilling Ayn Rand's dream. A dream, by the way, that is also Lying Lester's (and the Libertarian Party's) dream.

In closing Lying Lester urges you to vote Libertarian in 2016 when you can (if a Libertarian is on the ballot). In instances when a Libertarian isn't on the ballot vote rEpublican. But whatever you do DO NOT vote for a "fascist" dEmocrat! Even a Corporate dEmocrat.

Byline: This dishonest commentary was dissembled by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-157.