Friday, September 19, 2014

Lying Lester Derives Great Satisfaction In Knowing He Is Heat & Flame Resistant

Recently I was warned by LLIN contributor Will Hart that if I did not ban wd I would regret it, because he would "burn me" sooner or later. To which I say, burn me? Ha, I'm fucking heat and flame resistant. In other words I don't give a damn, I don't care. It concerns me not. Other than I know if he does I am definitely doing something right. That knowledge gives me great satisfaction.

The satisfaction that comes with being a Manly Man. A Manly Man who knows he is right and everyone else is wrong. Also satisfaction in knowing that my lying skills are up to par. Truth be told, I frequently check in to see what wd is up to. And whine and complain loudly if I don't like what I see. And then report back to my buddies Will and dmarks for some comfort. Comforting I need because it seriously burns me when wd tells the truth about me on his blog.

But wd should take no comfort in this... if he reads this posting. Because my blogs (LLIN and RNUSA) have bigger audiences than his pathetic sight. Which means the lies I tell about him are seen by more people. And I totally agree with my buddy Will that wd "lives at out sites and we never go to his. That pretty much sums it up". A sentiment with which I agree, even though I don't know what "it" is. "It" is summed up none-the-less. Likely "it" has something to do with wd being pathetic.

Pathetic as the spamming he does of my sight with his sock puppets. Now, that didn't actually happen, but Will said wd was doing it to his sight and so I knew it would be believable if I said wd was doing the same to mine. Even though he didn't. But dmarks bought it and left a few kiss-ass comments that I really appreciated. Anyway, the dude is a total narcissist who would like to be a Lenin or Stalin if he had the opportunity.

That's right, wd would murder many of us! Or order our murders, because he'd be way to chicken to do it himself. But the bloodthirsty wd definitely order the murder of millions if he was ever in a position to do so. I'm 100 percent positive of that. Due to his worship of tyrants like those I already mentioned, plus others like Mao. If they're responsible for the murder of millions, they have wd's respect. So long as the murdering was done in the name of setting up a Socialist sTate.

That is opposed to Libertarians like myself, who simply think Poors should be work for low low wages, and POSSIBLY die due to freezing in the winter, starvation, lack of health care, etc. But I don't think the gOvernment should play any active roll in actually snuffing out their lives, unlike wd. The gOvernment simply should not try to save any of the worthless Takers that would bite it without gOvernment handouts.

But wd dreams of the bodies of myself and other Independent rational-minded people like myself being dumped into mass graves, along with the bodies of ANYONE who opposes the fascist socialist totalitarian sTate he would like to see here in the US. And be in charge of. Not that he wants to do any actual work, being much to lazy. No, he'd be in it just for the killing, as wd is a cold-blooded psychopath.

But also a lily-livered yellow chicken who could never do the murdering himself. He'd just like to watch. Likely on video, safe out of harm's way. Then he'd "redistribute" the wealth of those he had murdered, being sure to keep a sizable portion for himself. Because he's a jealous and pathetic Taker who envies the Makers. Makers like Lying Lester.

Byline: This 100 percent truthful and accurate commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of flame resistence. LLIN-141.


  1. Pure stupidity. Would work as satire if written by someone making fun of Lester and Willis, however.

  2. No, my commentary is not satire, Dervie. You simply object to me revealing the truth regarding the evil ideology you subscribe to, you psychopath!

  3. Enjoyed your commentary on wd, Les. And I must say I am in complete agreement with you regarding wd's evil. I also authored my own commentary exposing wd on my "Contra O'Reilly" blog, which can be found here. STOP blaming me wd! I know you think I'm personally responsible for your serial piss-poor predicaments, but that's YOUR fault, not mine!

  4. When have I blamed you for my "serial piss-poor predicaments"? Predicaments, I would like to point out, which I never discussed with you or with anyone on the web. A lot of confabulating by both Lester and Willis taking place here on this blog as well as Willis' "Contra O'Reilly". You think people will believe your nonsense if you repeat it often enough?