Wednesday, May 7, 2014

On The MSM Being In the Tank For Obummer

As everyone knows the majority of journalists are dEmocrats and sOcialists who are on board with the pResident's plan to transform this great country of ours into a sOciaist hell hole. But the percentages that are was surprising, even to me. The shift away from a more conservative or middle of the road 3rd estate to a more lIberal or pRogressive (and compliant) one explains at least in part why oBama and dEmocratic candidates running for office are generally given softball questions (and hummers). It also explains why the administration gets as many passes as it does from the MSM.

Unfortunately this trend is likely to continues unless and until the conservative movement and the rEpublican party gets it's act together and puts forth a positive, sensible, and realistic vision for America in the 21st century, such as abolishing our nanny state social "safety net" programs. Americans is not happy with the dEmocratic leadership just as it is unhappy with the current rEpublican leadership, although they are clearly more unhappy with the Dems, and for good reason.

This provides an opportunity for conservatives and rEpublicans to formulate a nonsensical agenda of fiscal conservatism, a social agenda that addresses the concerns of the middle and lower economic strata (by cutting them severely, thus fumigating the parasites), and changing the party to truly a party of inclusion in which all non-mooching citizens are welcomed.

It's time for the rEpublican party to shed it militaristic love for the MIC and realize we should no more break the bank with war machine spending than we should break the bank with domestic spending. Both need to be cut to the bone. Oh, and to believe you can continue to cut, cut, ct, ct taxes and provide the kind of society that the MAJORITY of Americans want is just insane, but Lying Lester is convinced that it needs to be done if our goal is to exterminate the Takers, as I strongly believe it should be (in accordance with the principals as defined by the great Ayn Rand).

Byline: The author of this surprising commentary is Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-043.

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