Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Dishonesty & Stupidity of Equating sOcialism With Fascism

Intelligent people know that sOcialism and fascism are on opposite ends of the political spectrum, so when Lying Lester asserted that "socialism takes many forms [and] one [of those forms] is called fascism" (as a part of a previous commentary), Lying Lester made a complete ass of himself.

The 1983 American Heritage Dictionary defined fascism as: "A system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with belligerent nationalism".

Fascism originated in Italy, and Mussolini claims to have invented the word itself. It was actually his ghostwriter, Giovanni Gentile, who invented it and defined it in the Encyclopedia Italiana in this way: "Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power".

In other words, fascism is corporate government – a Libertarian's wet dream. It's a government in which the Atlas's of industry are given free rein to control the economy, just how they're regulated, how much they pay in taxes, how much they pay their workers.

Socialism, on the other hand, encourages more democratic control of the economy. Or, more government ownership of the economy – in particular, ownership of the commons and natural resources. (Link).

Sometimes Lying Lester's stupidity surprises even him. However, even though equating sOcialism and fascism is complete and utter horseshit, I none-the-less stand by the equating.

Why? Because it serves the purposes of the wealthy aristocracy - an aristocracy that Lying Lester bows down to - for the rAbble to NOT associate "fascism" with the plutocrat's attempts to takeover, bribe or influence via campaign "contributions" our elected officials.

So, instead of us all understanding that fascism is when corporations and government get into bed together, Lying Lester dissembles about sOcialism being another "form" of fascism. For example, I might spout nonsense about fascism/sOcialism subjugating "the individual and individual initiative and success to the collective good of society" - as if the collective good is a bad thing or paying slightly higher taxes is "subjugating".

Or I might lie about "an all powerful government by a few deciders [being] good", when we don't have "deciders" (despite what our former POTUS said), we actually have representatives. And the government (which is OF and BY THE PEOPLE) should absolutely NOT be "all powerful".

No, that THE PEOPLE should decide how our country is run via their elected officials is completely unacceptable in Lying Lester's opinion. Those who are members of the wealthy aristocracy (the plutocrats) are the ones who should rule (via the POWER that comes with great wealth).

So it furthers the agenda of our wealthy overlords - in order that the rAbble does not catch on - to change the meaning of fascism. Now, in the rewritten dictionary of the plutocrats and their stooges (people like Lying Lester), "fascism" isn't when rich f*cks screw them, but when their own elected representatives "screw" the rich f*cks!

And, unbelievably, most of the rAbble is so stoopid that this actually works! That is how the rEpublicans get poor dipshits in the Southern States to vote against their own economic interests. Lying Lester, while not a rEpublican, does admire this rEpublican strategy.

The reason? It's because I'm a "fiscal Conservative", which is a code word that means - when it comes to further enriching the already wealthy - rEpublicans and lIbertarians are on the same page.

Frankly, it's only when the rEpublicans try to insert themselves into the private lives of people that they go wrong (social issues). Restricting those liberties don't help rich people get richer, which is what lIbertarianism is *all* about.

But rEpublicans and lIbertarians do have a common enemy when it comes to fighting the nobel fight (concentrating wealth at the top), and that is the evil lIberal pRogressives and their agenda to redistribute the wealth of those who stole earned it! Which is why the LIE about fascism being a "form" of sOcialism is a good one - and one that Lying Lester will enthusiastically continue to spread.

Post Authorship Attribution: Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation)... a total ass as well as a purveyor of lying about fascism. LLIN-050.


  1. You just can’t shame a lying, malicious, underhanded, deceitful, dishonest, dishonorable, unethical, unprincipled, immoral, unscrupulous, fraudulent, dubious, person who trades on maliciousness, especially when the worst invective you can possibly hurl at such a person is worn proudly like some fiendish badge of honor. Ignoring such people to the point of irrelevance is the most you can ever hope to accomplish, and doing your dirty work then LYING to cover it up!.
    Pandering to the lowliest of the lowly, feeding them bile and inanity for profit and notoriety.
    You made your bed, Hillary, now sleaze in it.

  2. To the fake Octopus... I was about to agree with you because I thought you were talking about Lying Lester.

    Anyway, WTF does Hillary have to do with anything you just said? And the "bed" she made might be the presidency, but I seriously doubt she is going to "sleaze" in it.

    1. Why the hostility, Dervo? Is it not kind of me to allow you to comment here?

      As for Hillary winning the pResidency, I surely hope that does not happen. As you may or may not know, I am rooting for Gary Johnson, an individual who would make an OUTSTANDING president. He is a person, BTW, who agrees with the pRogressives when it comes to social liberties. He full-throatily endorses marriage equality, for example. And isn't it way past time for some fiscal sanity, Dervo? So why not join with me in throwing away your vote for POTUS and pull the lever for Gary in 2016? I urge you to at least think about it. You don't want the US to become the next Greece, do you Dervo?

  3. He may be fake , or maybe not, but what he says makes a lot of sense
    He may be the real Amazing Octo.

  4. Georgie Bushie: He may be fake , or maybe not, but what he says makes a lot of sense He may be the real Amazing Octo.

    Someone would only believe the poser above was the real Octo if they were very stupid. While Georgie Bushie is likely that dumb, I think it's more likely that he created the fake account.

    FYI, Octo's ID looks like this: (O)CT(O)PUS.

    Also, the comment WAS from the real Octo, but said in regard to Ann Coulter and NOT Hillary Clinton. The bulk of the comment was stolen from here. The "sleazing" part was stolen from a commentary by Shaw Kenawe... although the fake Octo changes "Ann" to "Hillary".

    As for the comment making a lot of sense... it does - but only without the last line and when you know the comment is about Ann Coulter!

  5. Ann Coulter has more brains up her Ass than Hillary has on her shoulders.