Saturday, May 7, 2016

Will Our Next President Be Gary Johnson?

So, here we are, actually on the verge of having to watch two of the most low-ball jamming and distrusted politicians in the country (Clinton and Trump) defecate on each other for the next five months in what is bound to be one of the most rancid presidential races in U.S. history?!

More and more I'm beginning to think that this existence thing of ours isn't actual but rather some virtual reality, hologram, dream, or video game. 'Cause I ask you here, what sane and cogent civilization would act like this? IT MAKES NO SENSE. Maybe we're participants in a game being played by the super-intelligent AI robots?

And, yes, I'm begging you, at least consider throwing away your vote on Gary Johnson, whose honesty, integrity, competence, sanity, and dedication to our beloved oligarchs we cannot question (at least not to this ludicrous level).

So, while I previously said that Johnson would probably have to kill somebody for me to not vote for him again, now I'm thinking that I'd vote for Johnson even if he out and out murdered someone. Heck, I'd still vote for Johnson even if we were to find out that he was a serial killer who pranced about in the nude wearing nothing but his victim's skin (in the privacy of his own home).

One thing I would not do, however, would be to write in the name "Les Carpenter" (AKA Lester Nation, the former proprietor of this blog). That guy is an asshole.

BTW, if Donald Trump were to be wise enough to select Gary Johnson as his VP, I'd vote for Donald in a heartbeat. Although I think Gary might say no if Donald asked him. However, IMO, Donald Trump might not be that bad. Also, at the end of Trump's 8 years in office Gary could run and win as POTUS (given the fact that a VP going on to become president isn't unprecedented).

On the other hand, the nation might just decide that neither Trump nor Clinton are fit for the presidency and decide to send Gary Johnson (a high-ball jammer) to the White House! Causing me (as well as others who worship the plutocrats) to jump for joy! Unfortunately, that seems unlikely, what with Miss Clinton going after the Bernie voters by offering to give away boatloads of other people's money. Not quite as much as Comrade Sanders wanted to give away, but still a LOT.

So, will Gary Johnson be our next president? Maybe not. A factor that might help Gary clinch the presidency could be the selection of the right person as his VP. Now, the former proprietor of this blog often suggested that he might be a good VP pick for Johnson. But given the fact that he went from being an anarcho-capitalist Libertarian who worshiped Ayn Rand and who thoroughly despised the Progressive Left to somebody who essentially signs off on every cockamamie Leftist notion under the damned sun? I'm thinking that I would be a MUCH better choice.

Surely Gary Johnson is smart enough to select Willis Hart as his VP. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if Gary reads this blog and takes pointers from it. And, a Johnson-Hart ticket would almost be a shoe-in, I think. Except for the fact that the voters are quite dumb. I mean, Bernie Sanders almost defeated Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, and he's a Socialist for Christ!

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-238.

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