Saturday, November 22, 2014

Why Another Great Depression Is Just What Our Country Needs

I'm a big advocate of capitalism. Especially the kind of capitalism that leads to feudalism, or enslavement of the Poors who deserve to be enslaved. That is, in opposition to giving them goodies paid for by hard working taxpayers like you and me.

Under our current system of "regulated" capitalism - "regulated" in name only, given the fact that the regulators have been captured - the result has been the continued shrinkage of the middle class, an increasing number of working Poors, and a pushing of more wealth into the coffers of corporate America and the uber wealthy. All of which has had a very positive effect on the nation. Positive, in that the Wealthy have gotten even wealthier.

Social and economic dislocation is now greater than has seen since the Great Depression. Only now it will likely be worse when the crash happens. When that happens the uber Wealthy will be buying up assets for pennies on the dollar. This is why another GD is something the Wealthy - and those of us like Lying Lester who worship them - pray for. Sooner than later, hopefully.

As I have always said, rational long term self interest should ALWAYS come first. And Lying Lester knows he will be rewarded when full blown oligarchy finally comes to the United States. But apparently more don't understand this concept than do, which explains why many can't fathom why another GD is just what this country needs.

It needs it because then the Poors will be forced into slavery, the Middle Class will be decimated, and the Wealthy will possess just about ALL the wealth instead of only a great majority of it. Thus the Randian utopia will finally come into being.

Byline: This illuminating commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-152.

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