Friday, April 29, 2016

Not All Welfare Queens Are Chubby Black Chicks, That's For Certain?

I'm talking about some fat Africoon biotch that got knocked up multiple times by multiple fathers (first by Mookie, then Ray-Ray, then Dre, and finally Slice). And, for each kid the amount of each welfare check goes up. Given the fact that the fathers are deadbeats/criminals (subhuman animals who are likely in prison for dealing drugs). So the chubby biotch has to look to the government for her handouts/free stuff.

Fucking slothful darkies; I hate them so much! All they want to do is steal from productive White people like myself. Which they do by sucking off the government teat. Republicans want to stop this, while Democrats (such as that a-hole Comrade Sanders) run on the promise of increasing the free stuff paid for with other people's money!

Although I must concede that it isn't just lazy Blacks who hold their hands out for free government money. White/rich former journalist, Sam Donaldson once received $97,000 in sheep and mohair subsidies for his New Mexico farm according to an Atlantic article. Outrageous!

Although not as outrageous as the poor lazy Black moochers living on the government dime. Because Donaldson was at least a productive Maker/not a poor loser. One could argue that this was just him getting back some of the (certainly) huge amount of HIS MONEY that he had previously forked over to the federal government in the form of taxes.

Given this fact I'm going to retract my "outrageous" and replace it with a "right on". Hurray for Donaldson for finding a loophole to exploit to get back HIS OWN MONEY. The fact that lazy Blacks welfare queens continue to pop out babies by multiple absent fathers is where I'm going to (continue to) focus my outrage. Which is EXTREME!!

And fuck Black Lives Matter too! Blacks should be concerned about Black on Black violence. Instead of justified police shootings of violent Black animals.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-231.

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