Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lying Lester Discusses Blundering Obama's Big Blunder

On Sunday, leaders representing Europe, Israel, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East linked arms and marched together down Place de la Concorde in Paris. Unfortunately and most conspicuously our own pResident chose not to attend.

The decision by the pResident of the United States of America to not be present, or at the very least send his Vie President, has been most troubling. Obama may have had his reasons but in politics and governance perception can be everything.

Certainly the perceptions of many, if not most on this important issue is not a positive one. The White House belatedly recognizing the error in judgment has acknowledged the mistake while at the same time spinning to put the best face possible on the snafu.

On this issue LLIN finds itself behind Senator Ted Cruz. At issue is the growth of, and the threat radicalized extremist Islam present the civilized world.

President Obama should have been there. Our president ought to have known this instinctively. It is of course now water under the bridge. Mistakes happen. This one never should have.

But, back to Senator Cruz, a potential 2016 presidential candidate who wrote the following in a TIME magazine op-ed...

Ted Cruz: The absence is symbolic of the lack of American leadership on the world stage, and it is dangerous. ... Many of our allies gathered together in Paris yesterday in an admirable display of determination. Our President should have been there (Link).

Dangerous! Dangerous that the feckless leading-from-behind Obama was not in attendance. That is Cruz's opinion, and the opinion of Lying Lester as well. Perhaps oBama did not attend due to his being a stereotypical lazy Black man?

But in regards to the danger... the danger is that the sub human terrorist killers see weakness in oBama's actions. Or even agreement with their goals. Given the fact that some believe oBama may be a sleeper mUslim terrorist who ran to bring down America from within. Not that Lying Lester agrees with this assessment. Although, as Senator Cruz points out "the failure of Obama to lead the free world in this way encourages radical Islamic terrorists" (source).

So, while oBama may not be a mUslim himself (or at least a radical one), he ENCOURAGES the radical Islamic terrorists (though his action... or inaction). Gee, Lying Lester has to wonder if bArack hUssein oBama has a flea or two? He might, if he's too lazy to take a shower.

Byline: This insightful commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-156.

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  1. It was nice to see so many different groups marching in solidarity with the French, BUT what the HELL happened to your Dear leader/