Thursday, June 30, 2016

Regarding The Epidemic Of Violence Loving Black Kids Attacking White Kids In Our Schools

Regarding parents who send their White, Asian, or Biracial kids to predominantly Black schools? I say it is a form of child-abuse in that as the numbers I'm pulling out of my ass bear out, a black kid is 25 times more likely to violently attack a white kid than the other way around.

No, I don't have the numbers for the school-aged population, which is why I said I pulled those numbers out of my ass. It is a fact, however, that a black person is 25 times more likely to violently attack a White person than the other way around and I can't believe that it is appreciably different re these thugs-in-training.

For the record, I do understand that this view is quite racist and therefore a great many folks will be butt-hurt by it. But we must never fear the truth and always, ALWAYS, put our White children first. And non-White/non-Black kids second. Because protecting our future from the little violent Black animals should be paramount.

BTW, you might be asking why the Blacks are so violent. Me, I think it's genetic. Same reason why the negroes have smaller brains (I strongly suggest that you check out the article "DNA Proof of Racial Differences – More Facts Come to Light" for the disturbing truth).

Also BTW, Biracial kids, if they are half negro may or may not be violent. It's a roll of the dice, genetics-wise. So, if you're White why take the chance and mate with a darkie? You might end up with a violent kid that ends up attacking you. Best stick with one of your own when procreating, I say.

Image: Chart showing why Blacks are so violent and stupid... higher hormone levels and significantly smaller brains (much lower average IQs). Why are we wasting money sending these idiots to school? A better idea would be to get rid of the minimum wage and then put these thugs to work. I'm talking about hard manual labor jobs with White overseers to keep them in line (perhaps with whips).

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of racism. LLIN-280.

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