Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lying Lester Condemns Radical lEftists & Their Support For Hamas!

Will the "peaceful" adherents of a violent "religion" ever denounce it's militarist violent creator? The religion of "peace", iSlam, continues to metastasize into an ever growing and more virulent force for evil and bloodshed in the Middle East, indeed throughout the world.

And evil lEftists the world over embrace "tolerance" and understanding for these extremists and monsters of inhumanity who worship mOhamed, the qUran and aLlah. But it is all a sham. Lying Lester knows these lEftists are actually in league with the terrorists.

Because these flea-infested towel-headed barbarians hate America and want to overthrow democracy - just as much as the radical lEftist sOcialists hate and want to overthrow democracy. This is why the extreme irrational lEft will no doubt continue to trip over themselves trying to find a way to assign responsibility to the west for the barbaric actions of the haters of rEligious freedom and lovers of tyranny.

And, even though this alone is enough to cause even those with an iron stomach to become ill and vomit - MARK MY WORDS, it is going to get worse, much worse. The solution? Lying Lester has pondered this question long and hard and decided that the worshipping of this rEligion of evil should be outlawed in the United States. Yes, I believe in free speech and the exercise of it, no matter how stupid the speech.

But "free speech" that supports evil and murder is another thing. I mean, one group cannot go around threatening death to another group of people and call that "free speech", which is what the adherents of iSlam do.

Lying Lester, frankly, will not be satisfied until every last mUslim denounces their faith and converts to atheism. Or Christianity. Although I'd prefer they acknowledge there is no gOd. But, if you're going to worship an imaginary being in the sky, let it at least be one who does not command you to murder those who do not share your specific irrational beliefs.

Do we not all want America to remain a free country where the wealthy are able to accumulate more and more wealth? More wealth then they could possibly ever use or need? Of course we do.

And, should we not ALL support Israel in their fight against this rEligion of pure evil? I mean, Judaism is a rEligion that is just as fake - in that they worship an imaginary sky being as well - but AT LEAST the adherents of this rEligion of invisible imaginary friend worshippers don't promise death to all those who disagree with them.

Which is why Lying Lester believes there are no "innocents" who worship iSlam and that the killing any mUslim by Israel in this conflict is acceptable and even justified. The inhabitants of pAlestine should rise up overthrow Hamas - and the killing will stop.

If they did that then how could there not be peace? No, instead the inhabitants of pAlestine vote for Hamas to be their government! Could there be no clearer indication that this is a fight they desire? That said, Lying Lester believes that the pAlestinians really only have themselves to blame for the deaths of any of their citizens due to Israeli rockets.

For this reason I say it is time for carpet bombing scorched earth tactics. Lying Lester isn't one to agree with people on the far Right such as Ann Coulter - who once said that the USA should nuke the mIddle eAst and turn it into glass - but Lying Lester thinks he agrees with Ann on this. We SHOULD kill, kill, KILL every last mUslim!!!

So, shut up lEftists and stop defending a rEligion of evil. But Lying Lester knows you will not because you are JUST as evil. You are NOT concerned with the deaths of "innocents"... you likely celebrate them as much as Hamas does!

Byline: This truthful commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Islamaphobia. LLIN-102.

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