Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Second Thank You To The Amazing Octopus: A Blogger With The Highest Integrity & Moral Authority

As I, Lying Lester, previously revealed, this blog will soon be closing due to the chagrin of Octopus. After my initial post declaring my intention to shut er down I authored a few additional posts where I may have given my readers the wrong impression.

I described Octo's REQUEST that this blog be closed as a "demand" and that he "insisted" - and some commenters took offense to the idea that another blogger could "demand" that a blog that was not his own be closed. But that Octo "demanded" anything is not exactly true.

Octo was not pleased with this blog. In fact it rather offended his moral sensibilities. And, given that Octo is a blogger well known for having the highest integrity I have no choice but to bow to his wishes.

I might not agree with Octo's judgment against this blog, but I do recognize that Octo, being both highly-principled and incredibly moral, knows more about these things than an individual who views greed as a virtue does. Simply put - I don't understand how this blog so offends - but I absolutely take Octo's word that it does.

And therefore the blog MUST be closed. Not because of any "demands", but because I acknowledge Octo's authority in the matter of violations of "all standards of civility and decorum" and as well as Octo's authoritative determination that this blog crossed a boundary and turned "petty and abusive and ugly".

Damned if I know exactly how I accomplished all that, but I trust Octo and take him at his word that this blog did. And for that I apologize. And I (again) thank him for pointing this out to me. Octo's guidance in these matters is very much appreciated by this blogger.

Byline: This 13th LLIN blog entry was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of chagrins. LLIN-013.


  1. Both "schmucko" Octo and yoursf are pricks to the highest degree.. Screw you both , his authority. And all.

  2. Octo is a pompous blowhard who cry's and whine's like a little fact Octo may very well be a little girl........

  3. You still don't get it do you? Whatever happened to Free Speech?
    You let someone tell you what to write, and what NOT to write in your own blog? How stupid can you be? And then you just sit back and call that Ass-Hole “Amazing” ! It’s obvious that you follow the instructions of a progressive modern day Hitler.

    I love when people tell me what I write can, i love it because I can tell them where they could SHOVE IT! You have to be just plain stupid to abide by his rules and then call him “Amazing” But I guess that you enjoy drinking that same shit that Jim Jones, the leader of that group that committed suicide in Jonestown, by drinking the Kool-Aid laced with cyanide! So have fun with that!.
    And here was me trying to be somewhat discreet in pointing out the blatantly insulting and condescending nature of that jerkoffs demands of you. But you are just too damned Stupid to “Get It”.

  4. After this explanation, I've come to the conclusion that you are even a bigger prick then I originally thought you were.