Thursday, April 28, 2016

On The Jim Webb Presidency That Will Never Be

So, the Democrats rejected him for Bernie (a socialist a-hole/dullard) and Hillary (a crooked piece of shit lawyer). Just because he's a Republican? How deflating is that? Man, has that party ever hit the skids.

And, by "skids" I mean returned to it's FDR Progressive roots (HRC pushed there by that Commie fucker Sanders). As opposed to going in a more "Moderate" direction. By which I mean Conservative. Because Webb used to be Republican. Then he pretended to be a Democrat for awhile. A charade that ended with his being soundly (and I mean SOUNDLY) rejected by the American people. Via polling/failing to fund raise. He never got one vote in the primaries, as he dropped out before any were held.

Yes, this is the man who should be president. If not Gary Johnson. Sure, neither stood/stands a chance, but Webb (if he had obtained the Democratic nomination despite being a Republican) surely would have ascended to the White House. While Gary, even though he is still running, will likely not even get one percent of the popular vote.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still voting for (throwing away my vote on) Gary Johnson. But if the American people had been smart enough to get behind Webb and Webb was the Democratic nominee? I'd be voting for him. BTW, by "smart enough" I mean if they had been fooled into believing Webb was a Democrat and not a Republican. But, unfortunately they were not.

But did you hear that Webb's sore LOSERness caused him to say (despite being a Democrat pretending to be Democrat), "I could vote for Trump, but not Hillary"? Yeah, I'd be sore too if I was as soundly rejected by the electorate as Webb was.

However, as I noted previously, the American people saw through his transparent "Democrat" deception. Even though Webb was hopeful that he could trick them, as he tricked the people of Virginia when he ran AND WON a senate seat as a "Democrat". Albeit a Conservative one. But that was in the South where they like their "Democrats" to be of the Conservative variety. Obviously Webb's "Democrat" act failed when presented to the country as a whole, which is a damn shame. Fuck the voters for being so dumb. By which I mean smart.

Image: Jim Webb is, according to the caption on the pic below, "not your average Democrat". By which (I presume) the captioner meant he's a Republican.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-230.

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