Thursday, June 26, 2014

Nevermind #1

The contents of my post from 6/25/2014, dEmocrat Hypocrites Should Unilaterally Disarm have been removed restored. The reason the contents of the commentary were removed were because of objections by another blogger. Against my better judgment I have decided once again to extend an olive branch to an individual who finds this blog objectionable and wishes my publishing commentaries here to cease.

He says he is "flattered" but I don't think that is actually the case. Anyway, I was previously banned from this individual's blog, which is what prompted me to open this site. Now this person has (apparently) changed his mind and allowed me to post a few comments on his blog. So it looks like the ban might have been lifted?

If that is the case, then I suppose the time is right (and it is now appropriate) for me to shut down LLIN.

I have therefore decided to tentatively declare that LLIN is now closed permanently. But only if this individual agrees and actually desires that it be shut down. I mean, if he really is "flattered" I'm game to keep LLIN going.

So... for now LLIN is closed. Perhaps permanently, perhaps not. That depends on what this other individual truly desires.

That said, if another Libertarian, Ayn Rand-worshipping blogger were to contact me and express a desire to take over here at LLIN, then LLIN could continue on under new management. Although I previously said that I'm also looking for financial compensation to cover the cost of setting up this blog, I might be willing to hand it over free-of-charge *if* the RIGHT individual were to offer to take it over.

The RIGHT individual would be another delusional Libertarian Ayn Rand-worshipping fool such as myself. So, if you are this kind of fool - a fool who worships Ayn Rand, thinks most people (especially the non-rich ones) are parasites and lice, and strongly wishes that Gary Johnson is elected president in 2016... and also desires to write blog posts advocating all these points of view - well, then YOU could be the next proprietor of "Lying Lester's Irrational Nation".

My only demand is that you keep me on as a an administrator. As an administrator I won't be authoring any posts. My fear is that someone might contact me in regards to taking over this blog and LIE about being of a like mind with Lying Lester. What if I turn over the passwords and delete myself as an author, and then the liar turns this blog into a joke and makes fun of my prior posts?

This fear is why I'd want to stay on as an admin until I was sure me and the new proprietor were of a like mind. Before, when I was asking for financial compensation I really did not care. But if I'm going to GIVE this blog away... then I've got to be POSITIVE the RIGHT person will be taking over.

But this discussion might be premature, as I've got to see what the feelings of the person who objects to this blog are first. He might want me to continue posting commentaries here. I honestly don't know. Given that, all I can say is that the future of LLIN is up in the air at the present.

Will Lying Lester continue to post commentaries? Will LLIN continue under new management or simply be shuttered for good (permanently this time)? Stay tuned... the answer is forthcoming (and will be announced here eventually).

I thank (any) loyal readers for their patronage.

Byline: This stricken commentary was authored by ?. LLIN-089.

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  1. Ah Yes, there's good news tonight! The LA chapter of the NAACP is refunding Donald Sterling's contributions, for now at least. In a public statement Monday afternoon Chapter President Leon Jenkins said he was open to the idea of talking with Mr. Sterling, to negotiate a price for Racist Offsets no doubt.

    "God teaches us to forgive, and the way I look at it, after a sustained period of proof to the African American community that those words don't reflect his heart, I think there's room for forgiveness. I wouldn't be a Christian if I said there wasn't."

    Most glorious compassion indeed. Mr. Jenkins continued...

    "We are negotiating with him about giving more moneys to African American students at UCLA, and so we are in preliminary discussions."

    You read it right, comrades... "negotiations". Mr. Sterling, with an undoubtedly generous "Racist Offsets" donation will be forgiven for his misdeeds. Let no racist rant go unfunded, comrades.

    "Mr. Sterling has given out a tremendous amount of scholarships, he has invited numerous African American kids to summer camps, and his donations are bigger than other sports franchises... "

    As long as the Racist Offsets continue to roll in, Mr. Sterling's rants will be forgiven by the NAACP. As they should be.