Sunday, July 31, 2016

But, Benghazi! Also, Mike Brown's Life Did Not Matter

Did you see the kanipshin thrown by those guttersnipes on MSNBC (Matthews, MadDUH, etc.) when Pat Smith, the deluded Mother of Sean Smith (one of the victims of the Benghazi Attacks), was allowed to speak at the RNC? She's a Conservative who's bought into the Conservative BS that says Hillary Clinton is personally and wholly responsible for her son's death.

This, despite the fact that HRC has been cleared by multiple REPUBLICAN investigations. You better believe it that, if there had been something, ANYTHING, that could have been found that would pin the whole thing on Hillary, Congressional Republicans would have found it. Instead, bupkis.

But Sean Smith's mother (clearly a Conservative) desperately wants someone to blame and thus is buying their bullshit. Hillary Clinton is directly and solely responsible for this grief stricken and addled woman's mind, and the degenerates that put her on stage clearly took advantage of this poor woman.

Re this tactic, I say BRAVO! I also want to add (re the MSNBC guttersnipes), these of course are the same individuals who trotted out the 9/11 widows to lambaste Bush and who seemingly don't have a problem with the mother of Michael Brown (a thug who robbed a convenient store and who later assaulted a cop) talking smack at the DNC. Just for the record here.

BTW (also just for the record) Michael Brown absolutely deserved an instant death penalty for what he did! Yeah, Brown was running away, so (at that point) the cop could have retreated to his vehicle and called for backup, or (after he started shooting) stopped shooting instead of unloading his weapon (believing, apparently that he was dealing with a superhuman who couldn't be stopped except by ALL of his bullets).

Instead he shot Brown dead. The head shot being the bullet that ended his life. Justifiably. Because, at least when it comes to unarmed Blacks, the cops SHOULD administer an instant death penalty! Like I said previously, the cops aren't killing ENOUGH Black men. So, yeah, whenever they get the opportunity, law enforcement should take the opportunity to kill Blacks.

Even is they need to stretch the truth... "he went for my gun" or "he was reaching for his waistband and I thought he had a gun". Neither of those statements will ever be able to be disproven, which is why they're so frequently utilized as an excuse to PUT BLACKS DOWN! Which I FULLY support.

BTW, in regards to Mike Brown's mom... fuck her! Stupid bitch raised a THUG with no respect for his White superiors (nor Asian superiors). All I can say is thank goodness this violent animal is in the grave.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of racism. LLIN-304.

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