Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lying Lester Has Never Cracked For Al Sharpton And Likely Never Will

Although I have "cracked" while watching the programs of other political pundits, I will admit. I simply have never "cracked" while watching Politics Nation, which is the MSNBC program hosted by the Reverend Al.

Getting "cracked" or "cracking" is getting high on crack, BTW. This is something I like to do at the end of a stressful day to relax and wind down. Light up my crack pipe, that is. And tune my TV into some political punditry program while I get cracked out of my gourd. Just not Sharpton's.

Having said the above I must say I agree with Sharpton's analysis that Senator Rand Paul's efforts to reach out to the black community could hurt the democrats in 2016 should Paul be the eventual nominee. If Senator Paul is sincere, if he convincingly demonstrates his understanding of the black community's concerns and acts accordingly over the next two years he, and the rEpublican sate could be quite formidable.

So long as he doesn't mention his dislike of the provision in Civil Rights legislation that demanded owners of private businesses be prohibited from discriminating based on race. Paul previously said he thought private business owners should be allowed to discriminate if they wish.

That would not be a bad thing. Even racists have rights. But rEpublicans, while they may have had a good track record of pandering to the racists in their ranks, now must begin recognizing the nation's changing demographics and the concerns, aspirations, fears, and the realities this change will bring.

The reality being that the rEpublicans will become a permanent minority party unless responsible fiscal conservatives take the reigns of the party (from the hands of the most virulent Tea Party folks) and give American's of all persuasions multiple reasons to vote FOR them rather than against the dEmocrats.

That, or cheat even more. The issues facing this nation both fiscally and socially are large. Placing the importance of resolving these issues in the best interests of ALL Americans must trump the interests of party and special interests. It is possible Senator Paul knows this, is prepared to set the right tone, believes it is time do the right thing, and will walk the talk. Or at least be prepared to do his best to trick voters into believing he's walking the talk.

Let's hope he is - and that he will. Take the low road of trying to instil fear and lie to the American people to win, that is. Because actually doing what is in the best interests of ALL Americans - instead of just the rich ones - would be a very bad thing.

And also quite unRandian. This is why I, Lying Lester, hope that Rand Paul, a professed devotee of the great Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand - so much a devotee that he changed his name from "Randal" in her honor - gets with the program and does what is necessary to win the presidency. Which would be him lying his ass off.

Then he might be able to roll back that provision of the Civil Rights legislation he doesn't like so racist business owners can discriminate against whomever they choose. And drastically lower taxes on the oligarchs, of course.

Byline: This awesome commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of smoking crack. LLIN-153.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Why Another Great Depression Is Just What Our Country Needs

I'm a big advocate of capitalism. Especially the kind of capitalism that leads to feudalism, or enslavement of the Poors who deserve to be enslaved. That is, in opposition to giving them goodies paid for by hard working taxpayers like you and me.

Under our current system of "regulated" capitalism - "regulated" in name only, given the fact that the regulators have been captured - the result has been the continued shrinkage of the middle class, an increasing number of working Poors, and a pushing of more wealth into the coffers of corporate America and the uber wealthy. All of which has had a very positive effect on the nation. Positive, in that the Wealthy have gotten even wealthier.

Social and economic dislocation is now greater than has seen since the Great Depression. Only now it will likely be worse when the crash happens. When that happens the uber Wealthy will be buying up assets for pennies on the dollar. This is why another GD is something the Wealthy - and those of us like Lying Lester who worship them - pray for. Sooner than later, hopefully.

As I have always said, rational long term self interest should ALWAYS come first. And Lying Lester knows he will be rewarded when full blown oligarchy finally comes to the United States. But apparently more don't understand this concept than do, which explains why many can't fathom why another GD is just what this country needs.

It needs it because then the Poors will be forced into slavery, the Middle Class will be decimated, and the Wealthy will possess just about ALL the wealth instead of only a great majority of it. Thus the Randian utopia will finally come into being.

Byline: This illuminating commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-152.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gary Johnson, a Man for the Times... A Times For The Oligarchs To Rise!

Will the previous Libertarian Party candidate for president Gary Johnson be the standard bearer of the Ron Paul Revolution going forward into the future? As the Liberty movement and the Paul Revolution continues to pick up steam it is critically important that individuals who cherish individualism and liberty based on wealth (more wealth means more liberty), that understand and desperately want a return to limited constitutional government, that want every individual, regardless of race, ethnicity, religious affiliation or sexual orientation or accumulated wealth to be free to live their lives as they chose within the constitutional laws of society stand up and cast their ballot for Gary Johnson in 2016, should he decide to run again.

There are many (they number in the several million) that support what the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson stands for but will vote rEpublican simply because of their disdain for the job President Obama has done since being elected. And their disdain for the probable Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton. There are millions more who will vote for Hillary simply because of their distaste for Romney (I've heard he might run again). But it simply amazes how anyone can vote for either candidate, Romney (if he runs again) or Hillary... when in reality they are merely shades of each other.

Voting for Romney or Hillary simply means voting for the "lesser of two evils" and either will insure the continued downward spiral of our nation into fiscal insanity and increasing sTatism instead of shrinking government and allowing the wealthy to do as they please. In other words continued fiscal instability, continued deficits and increasing debt, continued loss of individual liberty, increased dependency on government, continued polarization of the populace along religious, ethnic, and racial lines, and more will be the reality if either the rEpublican or dEmocrat becomes president. Unfortunate as it is, we all know one of them likely will.

This despite the fact that many of us want gOvernment to get out of the way and allow the wealthy (instead of We The People) to set the agenda and the rules of the game. In other words continued concentration of wealth at the top, continued deficits and increasing debt for middle classers and working Poors who are finding it extremely hard to get by as it is, increased liberty for those who deserve it, decreased dependency on government because the leeches are simply allowed to wither and die, and continued polarization of the populace along class lines.

Things we all want, in other words. So why aren't we voting Libertarian? Unfortunate as it is, we all know Gary Johnson's run for the presidency is a long shot at best (if he runs again). He knows that to get 34% of the vote, with the other two candidates splitting the other 66% is mathematically just not going to happen. Gary Johnson understands this, but views past exposure as invaluable in helping to fuel the Liberty Revolution and keep it alive and growing into 2016 by fooling as many people as possible.

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is not very well known outside of his home state, yet he hoped to send a strong message to the nation's political establishment by siphoning enough votes away from Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney to throw off the 2012 November general election - which, as we all know, did not happen. Gary said he hoped he would get labeled a "spoiler", but he failed miserably, as any moron could have predicted. Although Lying Lester was still hopeful and remains hopeful for 2016. Will Gary run again? And, if he does, will he win? Lying Lester deludes himself into thinking he might.

Gary has so much to offer a weary and fiscally unstable nation. He is about BS and hyperbole and lying about the nation's realities like the New Neo Fascist rEpublican pArty candidate and the New Statist Socialist pArty candidates are and will be. He is about telling the truth, telling it like it is, and he is for the sound fiscal policies that will bring down the debt and concentrate more wealth at the top. He believes in limited government intrusion into our lives. Should the government care what we do in our bedrooms? Should it care if we have enough to eat or a roof over our heads? Should it care if we die in the gutter? No, because that is Communism.

Gary believes in opportunity for all and helping to create the environment where the wealthy can grow and prosper. He believes in the value of hard work, self reliance, poor people working together as a team to enrich their wealthy overlords, and thereby unleashing the great American spirit and can do attitude. Rather than creating dependency on government and the divisiveness that has become so prevalent today, perhaps lazy Poors would get off their asses and WORK, realizing that if they don't work (and for low wages) that they will die.

Lying Lester strongly believes that further enriching the plutocrats is possible if we believe and work hard enough to achieve it. Perhaps even winning the White House in 2016. But we must get vocal in 2014, write letters to the editors, if you have a blog pitch the value of Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party, Volunteer time and or make a contribution if you can, talk about Gary Johnson and his ideas to anyone who will listen, and especially important go to the polls on November 6th 2016 and do the right thing for our country and for our wealthy masters - and VOTE Gary Johnson for President of the United States.

Byline: This excellent commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-151.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Willis Hart on Paragraph Usage

As anyone who has glanced at my "gutter blog" Contra O'Reilly can testify to, I am NOT an advocate of using paragraphs. Instead of an indent or a blank line, I just hold down the "period" key for awhile. If you visit Contra O'Reilly, read one of my idiotic commentaries and suddenly see a whole bunch of periods - what follows is a new paragraph.............................................................................................Like I just did there. Now we're in a new paragraph. Yea, I know that literally nobody else makes a new paragraph in this manner, but if you're obstinately determined NOT to find out how to make a new paragraph using HTML or adjusting Blogger settings, what choice do you have but to use a method (of indicating a new paragraph) but one that makes you look like a total moron?.............................................................................................None, I say. BTW, you may have noticed that my previous commentaries here on LLIN *did* have actual paragraphs (with a blank line separating them). The reason for that was because the blog proprietor (Les Nation) edited what I submitted. For this commentary I asked him to leave alone what I wrote - as (obviously) editing my commentary this time (by removing my idiotic period usage to denote a new paragraph) would totally defeat the purpose of this anti-paragraph jeremiad.............................................................................................Although he let me get away with it this time, in the future Les said he's going to go back to inserting paragraphs into my posts. So this will likely be the only time you see a bunch of periods denoting a paragraph change here on LLIN. If you happen to like it, I advise you to visit my crazy Libertarian blog. Where I do this all the time. Except when my "post" is only one sentence, that is.............................................................................................Byline: This moronic commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of straw men - and stupidity. LLIN-150.

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Nation Adrift. Drifting In The Right Direction

Voters are disgusted with both parties. Disgusted with rEpublican obstruction and disgusted with dEmocratic inability to overcome the obstruction.

Maggie Haberman of Politico: Time was, a politician with approval numbers well below 50 percent was in deep trouble come Election Day. But in politics, 40 has become the new 50. Last's week election saw a slew of unpopular politicians get elected or reelected despite approval ratings in the mid or even low-40s. It's in part a product of voter disgust with both parties and a race-to-the-bottom political climate, in which both sides nuke their rival early and often and public opinion of Congress and institutions is extremely low.

While there have been politicians in the past who have been reelected with weak approval ratings, the spate of tight races with people with a net negative favorable ratings was unusual this cycle. Instead of punishing the candidate who goes negative first, voters have become inured to the idea that both of them will. And approval ratings are no longer a reliable indicator of electability.

In "today's politics, the hyper-partisanship and the huge campaign spending, has permanently warped our old understanding of political norms", said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, of Public Opinion Strategies. (11/9/14 AT 11:39 PM EST).

This is good news in that it shows how stupid the rAbble is. Instead of voting for more dEmocrats that would give them the goodies they desire, they vote for rEpublicans who are eager to hasten our country down the road to oligarchy.

And because of this our country drifts closer toward that goal. The Randian goal of continuing to steal the wealth of the Middle Class and transfer it to the uber-wealthy. And enslaving the stupid Poors and paying them low low wages. Then we won't have to outsource to low wage countries, because the US will be a low wage country!

Low wages for the undeserving and HIGH wages for the deserving. Deserving folks like Lying Lester. Hurray!

Byline: This joyfull commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Good News! LLIN-149.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Old Bones To Discuss If The Iraq War Was A Blunder

Future historians will no doubt debate whether the Iraq war was a blunder or a stroke of brilliant leadership.

Via Mediaite: Former President George W Bush told Bob Schieffer Sunday morning that he had no regrets over the decision to invade Iraq.

Bush was on to discuss his new book praising his father (and to honor Face The Nation's sixtieth anniversary). 43 insisted he did not invade Iraq to finish what his father started, and said he was surprised when Saddam Hussein called his bluff over the invasion, but didn’t regret the decision to go in.

"I think it was the right decision", Bush said. "My regret is that a violent group of people has risen up again. This is al Qaeda plus. I put in the book that they need to be defeated. And I hope they are. I hope the strategy works".

Lying Lester is predicting it will not work and that the Islamic State will increase it's power. At least while the lazy Obama holds office. Perhaps a future rEpublican or lIbertarian president could begin to fix the problem starting in 2016?

Who knows? I do know, however, that any reflection on George Bush's actions in regards to Iraq is Old Bones and should not be discussed. If it was a blunder or not should not be discussed.

George W. Bush is no longer president. bArack hUssein oBama is, and it is oBama who is wholly responsible for the current mess in Iraq. No matter that if the former President hadn't invaded and toppled Saddam NONE of this would be happening. This may very well be true, but there is no lesson to be learned by pointing this out.

Maybe that means we are doomed to repeat such "blunders"? Perhaps, but in regards to that Lying Lester says "so what"? Those "blunders" will be for future generations to deal with, so Lying Lester does not give a shit. The point is not to sully the legacy of George W. Bush. Or, more accurately, the rEpublican Party.

Because if that happened then the American people might decide to vote for dEmocrats, which would be very bad. This is why, while Lying Lester hates both dEmocrats and rEpublicans, ultimately he will defend rEpublicans when he has to.

Because rEpublicans are the lesser of two evils. And until the day comes that the rAbble can be tricked into voting for the greater of three evils (Libertarians), Lying Leser will continue to defend rEpublicans when he has to.

Byline: This old bones commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Old Bones. LLIN-148.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

On the Proposed Solution For Air-Traffic Controllers Falling Asleep Being to Hire Another Person to Watch Him (or Her)

Yeah, and what if that person falls asleep? Hire a third individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a fourth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a fifth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a sixth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a seventh individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a eighth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a ninth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a tenth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a eleventh individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a twelfth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a thirteenth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a fourteenth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a fifteenth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a sixteenth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a seventeenth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a eighteenth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a nineteenth individual? What if that person falls asleep? Hire a twentieth individual?

And so on and so on.

Byline: This idiotic commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of straw men - and stupidity. LLIN-147.

Money That Buys Elections

Money talks. It buys air time, effective ads, the best marketing firms, politicians, and ultimately influence. The kind of influence you and I can only dream of.

Powerful special interests with bundles of money to spend on their interests do so with the hope and expectations of influencing elections. With the help of the SCOTUS and Citizens United funneling huge sums of special interest monies have become easier.

Fortunately corporations and billionaires are not thinking about the public interest or you and I. They are thinking about their interests and their interests exclusively. But there is really no problem with this at all as each of us are bound by a need to consider, think about, and then act in our own rational self interests. A good thing about this is that, unlike those spending mega millions to influence elections, we have almost no power over politicians or election outcomes - other than our vote and perhaps a few measly dollars we might send to a candidate we like.

And, aside from the big money, we have elections being influenced by voter fraud and voter suppression. In regards to these, Lying Lester says "NO" to voter fraud. Period. Election fraud is OK, so long as it benefits the Republicans, which currently is the way it works. Voter fraud, on the other hand, is a very real problem, as it usually involves pRogressive lIberals voting multiple times... or "Acorn-Style", as a good friend of mine recently put it.

These vote fraudsters need to be caught and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Maybe then the rEpublicans wouldn't have to cheat so much to make up for all the fraud? Or perhaps they could keep on cheating and take over the country? I mean, I've SAID that I'm in favor of divided government, but really I was only talking about when the pResident is a dEmocrat.

In any case, it is time for concerned Americans across this great land of ours to make our voices heard. Those of us in favor of oligarchy must speak out against campaign financing reform... ha ha ha! Just kidding. Campaign finance reform has no chance at all of ever passing, so why bother speaking against it?

Although Lying Lester would support reigning in the Labor special interest monies. In fact I'd be in favor of wringing them out of the system and then putting safeguards in place to prevent a recurrence. Lying Lester worries that if we don't our democratic republic doesn't stand a chance of being wiped out and replaced with oligarchy within his lifetime.

I know we'll get there eventually, but Lying Lester would prefer he were able to congratulate our wealthy aristocratic lords on taking complete power - before he kicks off.

Byline: This wise commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of BS. LLIN-146.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Gone Monkey Hunting... Back Whenever

"Whenever" being yesterday. Yesterday I returned from hunting monkeys in Africa. As for my tail of that, see my previous post. All my monkey hunting activities are gone over in detail in that commentary.

In any case, I am now back from hiatus and LLIN is "fired up" again. Hurray! I am positive that all my loyal readers are overjoyed.

Byline: This redundant commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of monkey hunting. LLIN-145.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lying Lester Announces An End To The LLIN Hiatus

I, Lying Lester, am happy to announce that the temporary LLIN hiatus has ended and LLIN will be "fired up" once again... shortly. I apologizes for the inconvenience or frustration that my absence from the sight may have caused my legion of dedicated and loyal readers.

As for why the hiatus was taken, I won't be going into that... at least for now. I will just say that I was not here blogging on LLIN (but did continue to author commentaries on my other blog rAtional nAtion uSA) for a good reason which is none of your damn business.

I can reveal, however, that for part of the time I was absent I was enjoying myself killing many of this world's lesser creatures... no, not lIberal pRogressives! I refer to creatures slaughtered while hunting. Which is what I was doing (for a portion of the time I was on hiatus).

And, Lying Lester can assure you that there is nothing finer than loading up the SUV with many firearms and other implements of injury - such as sharp knives, brass knuckles, stomping boots, dynamite, etc - and using those weapons to inflict harm on as many denizens of the woodlands as one can locate.

And then, in the evening, returning to the lodge to consume a large quantity of alcoholic beverages. But only in the evening. During the daylight hours Lying Lester stayed sharp and alert - which is necessary when one wishes to execute as many of the subhumans as one can catch.

And, by "subhuman", I mean monkeys. Lying Lester was hunting monkeys in Africa. First, I would trap a simian in some kind of trap. Usually a snare or cage baited with a banana. Next I would shoot the subhuman with a tranq gun. Then I would joyfully administer a brutal beating using my brass knuckles.

This beating would entail breaking both arms and legs, as well as the monkey's jaw. All the while being careful to not kill the simian. Then I would wait for the monkey to wake up before strangling it to death with my bare hands.

Hearing the squeals of agony and witnessing the eyes of one's prey bug out in abject terror before expiration is a thrill most will never experience. Of course I also shot many with my assortment of high-powered rifles from afar. But nothing comes close to eye-to-eye murder. And, chimps, being closely related to humans (DNA-wise) are as close as I have yet to come to killing a human.

Or, killing a human is not something I will admit to here, at least. It does sound like it might be fun. I should mention, however, that the monkey hunting was completely legal. I thought I should inform readers of this less some take exception or think I should be reported and arrested. No, this monkey hunting took place on a private monkey reserve and was therefore 100 percent within the law. That's what the owner of the reserve told me, at least.

And, sure, it was expensive, but well worth it. Even though it cost ol' Lying Lester much of the money he was awarded in the wrongful death suit he filed after the untimely demise of this blog's former proprietor, Lyle Lester. My longtime readers will likely remember that Lyle took over my blogging duties here on LLIN - briefly.

That was before I changed my mind about giving up blogging on LLIN to concentrate all my efforts on RNUSA. Turns out that was a mistake. Or something I regretted, in any case. This I did despite the blogger Octopus demanding that LLIN be shut down. I'm sorry Octo, but my fans need me. Here on LLIN. Sure, I've got fans on RNUSA, but that is my joke blog and those "fans" are actually dupes that I laugh at when they reply to my joke posts thinking they are serious (he he he).

Also I found that, after retiring from LLIN, that I missed discussing the issues SERIOUSLY and being completely honest in my commentaries. One cannot make a joke of everything all the time - or lie all the time... like I do on RNUSA. At least Lying Lester found that he couldn't. Which is why I HAD to return to serious and honest commentary here on LLIN. Although I will absolutely also keep lying to my readers over on RNUSA. That joke is way to good to give up.

So I have decided that both LLIN and RNUSA must continue. In any case, thank you, Lyle, for allowing me to experience something I thought would forever remain a dream. That dream being strangling a monkey to death. A dream that has now been fulfilled. Although poor Lyle had to die for my dream to come true. But my self interest comes first, so while Lyle was a good friend, I would not chose to have him back and alive if I could.

And this is a dream I will be able to relive over and over thanks to the videographer I hired to document the entire trip. Fact is, I'm watching DVD number 23 right now. While watching is not as good as doing, it is still better to have done it once and be able to watch it over and over and over and over... than to have never done it at all.

In this DVD I stalk my prey from afar, closing in slowly. Then I fire my tranquilizer gun. The particular dart loaded into my weapon will incapacitate my primate foe without knocking him out. This is for my safety. As you may have heard, the chimp is many times stronger than the average human.

Although Lying Lester is NOT your average man and therefore any chimp opponent would likely be only a few times stronger than I. Still, I wasn't taking any chances. Once under the influence of the dart, I would attack with a murderous rage. A rage I brought about by imagining the blogger wd.

And it was wd's face that would frequently take the place of the chimp's in my imagination as I crushed the creature's windpipe while it squealed in agony and I laughed maniacally. Then I stomped on the lifeless corpse with my stomping boots. That was before cutting the monkey's heart out, taking a bite out of it (as is customary in hunting). And finally, urinating on the corpse.

This is an excellent method by which one can manage his anger, let me tell you. Those good memories I placed in "the bank", to be drawn upon when needed. Such as when the hated wd deposited more of his crap on my other blog (rAtional nAtion uSA). An offense for which I banned his ass for the 16th time.

Ha ha ha ha ha. This is a little joke between me and wd. I'll ban him for awhile, allow him to return a while later, reject some comments while publishing others, allow one of RNUSA's regulars (dmarks) to abuse him with endless insults, and then finally ban him. Usually after feigning outrage with something wd writes.

Although sometimes the lIberal pRogressive loser actually does make me angry. THAT is when I will remember the monkey with wd's face - and how I crushed the life out of it. Then I will smile.

Because, let me tell you - evil exist in this world. Evil that is so profoundly inexplicable it leaves us numb, incapable of understanding it's twisted, perverted, and tortured existence. Evil that only a devil could perpetuate. Evil that no human being should ever be subjected to. Certainly not an honest (here on LLIN) or joking (on RNUSA) blogger such as myself.

May the bastards like wd burn in hell for their annoyance of blogger like myself by trafficking their BS on humor sights like RNUSA. I was warned by LLIN contributor Will Hart that if I did not ban wd I would regret it, because the devil would "burn me" sooner or later. Turns out he was correct.

I WAS burned. But fortunately I am f*cking heat and flame resistant. In other words I don't give a damn. I don't care. I did not then and I do not now. I was proven to definitely be doing something right (because I set wd off - again). And that knowledge gives me great satisfaction.

Anyway, the dude is a total narcissist who would like to be a Lenin or Stalin if he had the opportunity. As I previously noted, wd would murder many of us if he were able to get into government and set himself up as a dictator! Or order our murders, because he'd be way to chicken to do it himself. But the bloodthirsty wd would definitely order the murder of millions if he was ever in a position to do so.

I'm 100 percent positive of that. Due to his worship of tyrants like those I already mentioned, plus others like Mao. If they're responsible for the murder of millions, they have wd's respect. So long as the murdering was done in the name of setting up a sOcialist sTate.

That is opposed to Libertarians like myself, who simply think Poors should be work for low low wages, and POSSIBLY die due to freezing in the winter, starvation, lack of health care, etc. But I don't think the gOvernment should play any active roll in actually snuffing out their lives, unlike wd. The gOvernment simply should not try to save any of the worthless Takers that would bite it without gOvernment handouts.

But wd dreams of the bodies of myself and other Independent rational-minded people like myself being dumped into mass graves, along with the bodies of ANYONE who opposes the fascist socialist totalitarian sTate he would like to see here in the US. And be in charge of. Not that he wants to do any actual work, being much to lazy. No, he'd be in it just for the killing, as wd is a cold-blooded psychopath.

But also a lily-livered yellow chicken who could never do the murdering himself. He'd just like to watch. Likely on video, safe out of harm's way. Then he'd "redistribute" the wealth of those he had murdered, being sure to keep a sizable portion for himself. Because he's a jealous and pathetic Taker who envies the Makers. Makers like Lying Lester.

For the record, killing monkeys is an entirely different matter. Killing subhumans and killing actual people are not comparable, if that is what you are thinking. In any case, Lying Lester did not steal any property from the monkeys he snuffed the life out of. And that is surely a much worse crime... to steal from productive people in order that lazy people might loaf. People who loaf and think the sTate should pay them to loaf aren't even people according to Ayn Rand. They are akin to parasites like lice.

And allowing a parasitical Taker to die by preventing it from taking is actually the morally right thing to do. It is FAR far worse to steal from productive people so that these parasites might continue their immoral taking. And killing monkeys, which as a HUMAN is my right, is not an "evil" either. There is absolutely nothing wrong at all with a human killing a monkey or any of the world's lesser creatures.

But what wd wants to do? This is a far worse thing. As a lIberal pRogressive wd wants to enable the world's parasites. To encourage their behavior and increase their numbers. And wd is no doubt one of them. Which explains why wd wants kill people. So he can steal their wealth and loaf. He wants to - and likely is - committing the ULTIMATE evil. And he wants to make it WORSE by making our government as "progressive" as possible. Damn him and his ilk!

That said, blog posts on LLIN will commence starting very soon. Either this week or the coming weekend. I'm thinking this post should stand for a day or several in order that people might see that LLIN is once again active. And then this depository for Lying Lester droppings will once again be open for business.

Also, let me add that my many many fans won't have to worry (for awhile, anyway) that I will pull another disappearing act. LLIN is definitely back, and both I and LLIN contributor Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart will commence authoring the excellent high-quality commentaries that fans of LLIN have come to expect.

By the way, if you, dear reader, happen to not be a fan of LLIN, you may keep that opinion to yourself, because I really couldn't give a FF what you think. Although I seriously doubt that applies to the majority of the people who might read this.

Most people will likely be overjoyed that LLIN has returned. All rational people who agree that the United States dEmocracy should be ended and replaced with an oligarchy of corporations, with the CEOs of these corporations at the helm... those people will be pleased with LLIN's return.

Or so I imagine. Surely the amount of fan mail I receive is testament to this reality. Even though LLIN does not receive many comments, there is a vast audience that reads without commenting. I can assure you of this. Lying Lester would not be dishonest in regards to this truth.

Just as Lying Lester tells the unvarnished truth when it comes to the Poors, the Takers, and the Lazy lIberal pRogressives who voted for Obama in order to get gOvernment handouts. These people are also among those who Lying Lester hates. Although wd is, actually, a member of the "Poors" group. And the "Takers" group. As well as the "lIberal pRogressive" group. This might be why he gets on my nerves so much.

Still, I keep banning him and then allowing him to return (to commenting on rAtional nAtion uSA). Maybe it's because I'm a slow learner. Either that or just too Magnanimous. Or perhaps it's because of the aforementioned joke which has me banning wd only to allow him to return. But only publishing select comments. I imagine that really frustrates wd.

Anyway, in regards to those lIberal pRogressive Taker Poors... luckily they did not turn out during the just concluded midterm election. Thank goodness. A combination of voter apathy, a massive dark money-fueled misinformation campaign, voter suppression, and outright election fraud stopped the Obama-bots from holding the Senate or taking back the House.

Not that taking back the House was a possibility after the rEpublicans gerrymandered the heck out of the districts following the last census. But many of them simply stayed home. The dullards obviously believing that, seeing as Obama was not on the ballot, their goodie-receiving status was secure.

Let us hope - or pray to the ghost of Ayn Rand - that with the rEpublicans fully in control of Congress that some of that goodie-giving can be rolled back. And that the voters will be enthused by what the rEpublicans do during Obama's last two years in office. So enthused that they elect a fiscal Conservative to the White House in 2016. Hopefully Gary Johnson, although Lying Lester might be satisfied with Rand Paul.

Although I only desire enthusiasm from rational fiscal conservatives such as myself. The opposite of enthusiasm for the lIberal pRogressive Takers (LPT). When the rEpublicans resume their work destroying the US economy and environment - this time with the help of bArack oBama the LPT's will despair.

oBama, I've heard might just sign the legislation sent to him by the rEpublican Congress that OKs the Keystone pipeline and the job-destroying Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement. And when this happens the lIberal pRogressives will be aghast. And Lying Lester will laugh heartily and smile broadly. Cooperation in regards to these two issues but gOvernment more divided in regards to all else.

Then the disheartened lIberal pRogressives will sit out the 2016 election in disgust that AGAIN another corporate Dem is their only choice. The corporate Dem being Hillary. And I also find it hard to believe that the American people would actually vote for a chick president.

Then, with Hillary not standing a chance due to the Dems not wanting to elect her because of her baggage of corporate dem-ing, Rand Paul can ascend to the Oval Office. Or maybe Gary Johnson. I mean, Gary Johnson is fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal. Just like Lying Lester.

And just like many of this nation's young people. The youngsters of today realize that what people do in their bedrooms are their own business. And it surely does not hurt Lying Lester if two dudes want to "get it on". Frankly I could care less. It has absolutely nothing to do with my life.

Fact is, I've entertained the notion myself. Getting it on with another dude, that is. Even though Lying Lester is a Manly Ladies Man. Very Manly. SO Manly that I've been with literally hundreds of women... and one man.

But I've already discussed that on this blog. The one time Lying Lester got busy with a man he did not enjoy it. Which is why he went back to "doing" women... exclusively. But still I wonder what I would be like to "do" a certain man... that man being Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson would be the ONLY Man that Lying Lester would consider swinging the other way for. Although it would please me more if Gary Johnson were elected POTUS. Because Gary embodies the best of Libertarianism, an ideology that says the rich should be allowed to prosper. Because a rising tide lifts all boats.

Yea, you've surely heard that bromide before, right? Do you buy it? If you're one of the dullards the smart Libertarians hope you do. Even though it is complete BS. A rising tide lifts the yachts of the rich while many of the Poors drown.

Which is a good thing. Because as the great Ayn Rand told us, the Poors are parasites and Lice. And parasites and lice need to be exterminated. This is a truth those of us who worship Ayn Rand - as well as our wealthy overlords - know. A truth I expound upon here on LLIN.

And expounding on, and spreading this self evident axiom is what I do here on LLIN. Which is why this blog MUST continue. Because fighting back against those in denial regarding this truth is paramount. Not that the super-wealthy need the help of a lowly blogger like Lying Lester.

But maybe when the New World Order (NWO) is instituted and our wealthy better assume the reigns of power... maybe one of our new rulers - or perhaps an underling of one of these rulers - will recognize that Lying Lester was with them. And then Lying Lester might be granted a position of power.

Lying Lester KNOWS he deserves it. Because he loves the oligarchs. The oligarchs are people who have proven that they are masters of the universe. If they weren't they would not be rich. That they are rich is proof that they should rule.

Just as the Poors being poor is proof that they deserve their sorrowful lot in life. And no handouts or gifts at taxpayer expense. Those of us who actually pay taxes, that is. People who work hard and have talent, like Lying Lester. Which is another reason that why, when the NWO arrives, Lying Lester will undoubtedly ascend to a position of power.

I've clearly earned it. And I clearly deserve it. Not that I have not achieved much to be admired in this life (my life before the NWO)... but somehow I have not risen to the pinnacle of success... a pinnacle Lying Lester deserves to reach.

But heck, even if the NWO is still a ways off, perhaps Lying Lester could reach another pinnacle if he runs for, and is elected to the White House? Either at the head of the ticket, or as Gary Johnson's running mate (in the VP slot). As I have spoken about here on this blog previously, I have seriously considered doing this.

And I still am considering a run for the presidency. That is, if Gary Johnson does not throw his hat in the ring (a third time). But perhaps Gary would consider Lying Lester as a running mate in 2016? Surely a Johnson/Nation ticket would garner a fair percentage of the vote (more than Gary running with someone else), but would it be enough for us to take the White House?

A deluded Lying Lester is thinking it just might. Surely the ladies would swoon and cast their ballots in favor of Lying Lester, if for no other reason than to get a hunk in the executive mansion (we all know the ladies act on eMotion and not reason).

And Lying Lester has been quite vocal in his vocalizing his thoughts about Gary not being that shabby in the looks department either (a manly Man that Lying Lester might go for *IF* he were gay). I even started another blog titled Gary Johnson is Dreamy to discuss my thoughts on Gary Johnson's manly physique.

Although I stopped updating that blog even before I took my hiatus here. The reason is that I was preparing for my wrongful death lawsuit against the skydiving company that this blog's former proprietor hired.

As readers of this blog know, Lyle plummeted to his death after jumping out of an airplane at 30 thousand feet - and his parachute failed to open. Because he improperly packed it. But the skydiving company should have taught him better and/or checked his work. Which is why, as the man appointed executor of Lyle's estate in his Will, decided to sue.

Which I did. And WON! This is how I was able to afford my trip to Africa and the monkey hunt. Killing monkeys is very expensive and I ended up a few million dollars poorer as a result. Although it was well worth the expense, IMO.

Although I did not spend all the money I was awarded in the settlement. I still have a few million left. Money that could be spent running for POUTUS. Or for VP. Which is why I held on to this money. To use it to "bribe" Gary Johnson into accepting me as his VP. Although when Gary discovered how much alike we think I'm sure he'd be 200 percent in favor of Lying Lester joining the ticket.

But I might need the money to get in the door. But after I did Gary Johnson would absolutely be satisfied that I would be an EXCELLENT choice for VP. Indeed the Johnson/Nation ticket might be the most handsome/manly duo of Iron Men ever to seek the presidency. Can you think of any other past presidents and VPs as handsome/manly as Gary and Lester? I doubt it.

Then, after Gary served out his two terms... then the time would be right for a Lying Lester presidency. At that point - after the most successful presidency in US history (that of Gary Johnson) - Lying Lester would be a shoe in for POTUS in 2024.

A Man can dream, can't he? A dream for his beloved Gary Johnson, for himself, and for America. Or for the worthy Makers, who would prosper wildly under a Johnson (and then a Nation) administration. Realistically speaking, however, a vote for Gary or me is a complete waste (you'd be throwing your vote away). Still, I urge you to consider casting such a vote.

And, if the names "Gary Johnson" and/or "Lester Nation" aren't on your ballot when you go to the polls in 2016? Then you might consider writing us in. Or vote Gary if he's on the ballot and write in "Lester Nation" for VP. Or write in "Lester Nation" for President if Gary Johnson decides not to run.

If nothing else, you'll be sending a signal to the man that you're sick of business as usual and REJECT the sTatist direction our country has been headed in under BOTH rEpublicans and dEmocrats. Also, who knows? If enough people cast their ballots using objectivity and reason to decide who they think should be POTUS - instead of voting for the lesser of two evils you could vote for the greater of three evils.

If so, then surely it is possible that, come 2024, we might be inaugurating a handsome debonair goateed POTUS. Or a a handsome debonair goateed VP. Me, that is. I have a goatee.

Even if this is unlikely. But (in my deluded and slightly senile mind) it COULD happen. And then we could get about the work of restoring America to its former glory. Lying Lester imagines something along the lines of a new Gilded Age, except instead of growing real wages for wOrkers, all the prosperity could be siphoned off by those at the top (as they have been doing, only under Lying Lester the siphoning would be greater).

That is my dream, in any case. Perhaps you share it? If so... well then, you already know what to do. Don't vote rEpublican and don't vote dEmocrat. Vote Libertarian. Vote Gary and vote Lester and together we can shrink gOvernment and hand over the rule of our nation to the wealthy (put things right, in other words).

But even if none of that comes to pass - Lying Lester running for either POTUS or VP, much less being elected to either office - I shall continue to blog about it here on this blog. "It" being my strong desire for the wealthy to throw off the yoke of democracy and reshape aMerica into an oligarchy.

But before we get there a transitionary period will be needed. A transition that has already begun. As I already noted, this last midterm was the most expensive in history! What that was a sign of is the efforts of our wealthy to buy the election.

But they should not have to buy elections because our government should be absolutely powerless and not worth buying. That is the next step. Neutering the government so it cannot do sh*t. That is a process that I believe that would BEST be undertaken by a president Gary Johnson.

Or maybe a president Rand Paul. But Rand would be my second choice. Gary Johnson, I am convinced, would be the ideal ruler to bring Ayn Rand's vision to fruition in America. As you may know, it has been almost thirty years after Ayn Rand's death and she remains as controversial today as she did during her lifetime.

Rand - best known for her epic novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, which defined her individualism, ethics, and politics - was born in Russia under the bolshevik regime of terror escaped to America when she was a young women in her twenties. Having witnessed first hand the life sapping evils of pRogressive collectivism, Rand became one of the 20th century's strongest advocate of liberty, self reliance, capitalism and oligarchy.

Ayn Rand believed Aristotle was one of, if not the greatest philosopher the world has ever known. In her view Aristotelian logic trumped the philosophies of Hegel, Kant, Engels, Marx, and a host of lesser known philosophers. Plainly put Rand believed logic and reason trumped emotionalism and or mysticism. A is A therefore A cannot be B. Something is what it is and therefore cannot be something else.

From her springboard of Aristotelian logic Rand developed her unique and non contradictory philosophy she named Objectivism. A dry read, as most books on philosophy are, it is however well worth the effort for those who have an interest in philosophy and believe Kant and Marx got it wrong.

Rand's interest were far reaching and she wrote {as well as spoke} much on subjects such as ethics, racism, altruism, fascism, collectivism, socialism, atheism, rational self interest, productive achievement, welfare, self reliance, capitalism... the list goes on and on.

A good start for those who have little knowledge of Rand is to read The Ayn Rand Lexicon. It give a good, as well as brief overview on how she viewed concepts.

Rand, while having hundred of thousands who advocated her views, had as many, and perhaps more detractors. While the "you love Rand or you hate Rand" phenomenon encompasses a number of reasons perhaps the most notable are: 1) her atheism, 2) those in the progressive movement, aka academia worked to undermine any objective understanding of her views, 3) her fierce individualism, 4) her bold and vocal denunciation of any and all forms of collectivism, 4) her belief that man should work on behalf of his own rational self interest, 5) that a person should not sacrifice a higher value to a lessor value, 6) that altruism is a means to ultimately destroy the importance of the self, and 7) her staunch advocacy of true capitalism as opposed to socialism or the mixed capitalism the U.S has labored under for the past 120 years or so.

This last belief is primarily why Ayn Rand is as controversial today as she was during her lifetime. Virtually nobody wishes to bring this kind of fascism to America. No one except Objectivist adherents such as myself. Only wise souls like Lying Lester realize the wizdumb of allowing the wealthy to prosper at the expense of the rest of us.

However, if one takes note of just the seven reasons highlighted above it is relatively easy to understand why people reject Ayn Rand. Simply put, her ideas were, and remain yet today, feared by pRogressives, collectivists, mixed market advocates, and modern conservatives and businessmen as well as any other group that believes The People (AKA the rAbble) should have any power or even be allowed to enjoy more than a subsistence survival.

Objectivist Libertarians like myself realize that the far reaching hands of a gOvernment serving The People will provide them with "special favors" so that they may survive - when NO organization representing The People should exist - at least in any form that has any real power.

Anyone who properly understands and practices Objectivist philosophy has concern for their own rational self interest, sees themselves as an individual possessing a strong sense of self, and believes self reliance and naked greed are the highest virtues. Therefore they will have no need for a sTatist government to insure their well being and success. Be it pRogressive, collectivist, fascist, or any other form of liberty sapping social engineering Leviathan.

In short they cannot be emotionally, intellectually, or physically controlled by another individual, or a group of thugs. Although these Objectivist philosophers do realize that weaker-willed individuals - losers who adhere to the nonsense that has us helping each other - SHOULD be controlled and exploited by them. The wealthy and therefore deserving people.

People who understand the preceding also live with the knowledge that liberty and freedom demands great personal responsibility. Which is... To respect the liberty and freedoms of all other worthy individuals while asking nothing from them in return other than to respond in kind. And exploit those beneath us.

As Rand would say, and I paraphrase... The only justification for the use of force is in response to the acts of an aggressor. To which I add, whether they be acts of physical but not financial aggression. The "financial aggression" is an aggression the Poors should lie down and take (and that is the ONLY thing they should take).

Rand, were she alive today would be appalled by what she would suffer to witness. As much as she was opposed to Leviathan socialist collectivist government she would be equally as appalled by the crony capitalism, corporatism, pull peddling lobbyists, and Wall Street thieves suckling with great delight at the government's teat.

Although she would realize it is a means to an end. Eventually this will all lead to the oligarchy we all desire. But then it can be dispensed with and the gOvernment dismantled. What amazes, and I am quite certain Ayn Rand would agree - is what once was a nation built on hard work, self reliance, personal responsibility, innovative ideas, an attitude of government get out of the way and let the competent doers get to work innovating and producing - has turned into a nation of wimps and whiners.

A montage if you will of individuals and groups that EXPECT a gOvernment that represents them. And favors them, subsidies them, and offers them special protections. In a nutshell to insure they succeed in whatever it is they do, or don't do.

Perhaps most puzzling is the fact that only the rich ought to be the ones holding Ayn Rand's philosophy and ethics up as examples of how one should lead their lives. The reason they don't is quite rudimentary. Conservative and Libertarians are really only interested in control. Control over your lives and your livelihood. Such power is the only thing that will satisfies the Conservative/Libertarian insatiable power lust.

Which of course explains the progressives cultist obsession with destroying Ayn Rand the person as well as her philosophy. Instead of rule by the rich they believe in a rule of "we the people". This Ayn Rand - and those who agree with her - reject.

Anyone, feel free to disagree with some or all I have written. By all means indulge in taking me to task and ask I support further that which I have written. It shall be a delight to do so. For you see, I am tired of the pRogressives blowing smoke up everyone's a*ses by taking snippets of Rand's writings, quoting them out of context, and then twisting her words to support their fallacious accusations with respect to her character and works.

By the same token I am equally as puzzled by rEpublicans and so-called conservatives holding Rand up as a shining example, without understanding her philosophy, to support that which they are selling as the flavor of the month big government remedy (one Mittens Romney comes to mind} for our nation's ills. I've got news for ya buckos, Rand is on record as being just as vehemently opposed to your brand of sTatism as she was to socialism and collectivism.

Oligarcy is the only way to go. In the mind of Rand and in the mind of the higher-ordered individuals who agree with her and seek to perpetuate her legacy. Higher-ordered individuals like Lying Lester.

Which is why I started the LLIN sight and why I've now returned. If you're like me and agree that aMerica's destiny is a Randian utopian oligarchy - I look forward to your comments and continuing support. You and I are among the smart folks who will benefit when the New World Order arrives and our superiority is acknowledged.

However, until that day comes I shall continue advocating the wizdumb of Rand here on this blog. And possibly running for either POTUS or VP - however unlikely that might be. But keep reading and I'll let my loyal followers know first, HERE, if I actually do decide to run for the White House.

In which case I think another monkey hunt will be one of the first orders of business. At taxpayer expense, this time. Now that I think of it, the office of VP is more appealing, as the VP doesn't do anything, and is therefore free to do whatever the hell he wants most of the time. Things like hunting monkeys.

Even *if* the public finds such activities distasteful. I'll tell them to shove it. President Gary will be busy transforming aMerica into a oligarchy. And the closer we get the less the views of the rAbble will matter. Which is how Lying Lester could get "elected" to the White House in 2024.

And then the real work of dismantling government might begin. Or the end of dEmocracy might come about in a different manner. A manner that does not involve Lying Lester. Although Lying Lester would be PROUD to play such a role... if possible.

Anyway... to wrap up this slightly over-long rant... the LLIN hiatus is over and LLIN is "fired up" once again.

Byline: This excellent commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Trafficker of BS. LLIN-144.