Saturday, May 14, 2016

We Should Be Squeezing Blood From The Turnips! Lazy Mooching Poors Pay Way Too Little In Taxes!

The fact is that, even when you account for payroll, excise, and other taxes, the bottom quintile of American taxpayers only pay 1.8% of their income to the Feds (Source). Yeah, that asshole Bernie tends to gloss over this fact (if in fact he even knows about it). Big surprise, huh?

BTW, don't look at that link I provided above, because if you do, you'll read some facts that don't jibe with my narrative. Which is that some taxpayers have it easy (freeloaders mooching off the system), while others (the Makers) unfairly pay most of the taxes (they are the hosts to the parasitical leeches in the bottom quintile).

Inconvenient to my narrative would be the fact that "the payroll tax is regressive (the effective rate falls as income rises): it claimed an average of 8.2 percent of income from tax units in the lowest quintile but only 6.8 percent from the top quintile; for the top 1 percent, the tax averaged just 0.9 percent of income".

And the Tax Policy Center (the source I initially cited) also notes that "a key insight from economics is that taxes are not always borne by the individual or business that writes the check to the IRS. Sometimes taxes are shifted. For example, most economists believe that the employer portion of payroll taxes translate into lower wages and are thus ultimately borne by workers".

SUPER inconvenient to my Libertarian narrative would be that "there is not a consensus, however, on the economic incidence of other taxes, such as the corporate income tax". Inconvenient because I'm for the elimination of all corporate taxes, because such taxes are passed along to the consumer! Or so the brain dead Libertarian talking point goes. As you can see the TPC says "wait a minute" in regards to that one!

Then there is also the fact that "in 2011, households in the top, middle, and bottom quintiles received 52, 14, and 5 percent of the nation's before-tax income, respectively". So, the bottom quintile is only paying 1.8%, but they are only making 5% of all the income that's earned.

Regardless, I say that (if taxes are to be paid AT ALL, and I'm of the opinion that all taxation is theft) we should squeeze these turnips until they bleed. Tax them til they squeal. Because if someone has to pay (for the government to function), then I say it should be the worthless Takers. As opposed to the worthy Makers.

Let the rich man keep what he's earned. Time for the free ride the poor leeches have been enjoying for so long (at the rich man's expense) to end! Ayn Rand would absolutely agree.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-245.

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