Sunday, August 17, 2014

Announcing a New Lying Lester Blog: "Gary Johnson is Dreamy"

As my regular readers well know, I spend a lot of time discussing perennial Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson - and my strong desire to see him installed in the White House.

On this topic, Lying Lester is proud to announce a new blog where there is only ONE topic of discussion, and that topic is Gary Johnson! The name of the blog is "Gary Johnson is Dreamy", which he IS!

And I mean that in a totally non-gay way. Can a Man view another Man as "dreamy" and not be gay? It would be hard to imagine. Hard, unless the man in question is Gary Johnson. Gary's Manly magnetism is so strong that even totally straight and very Manly Men such as myself cannot help but feel an attraction to him.

I mean, this is something that Lying Lester has had to deal with himself, being as incredibly Manly as I am. Straight guys "admiring" me, that is. So I know what it must feel like for Gary. Although Lying Lester has NEVER felt this way about another man himself (NEVER).

Until he became aware of Gary Johnson, that is. Although most of the time I only feel incredible admiration for this Man (and only occasionally an attraction). But that is neither here nor there, as I likely will never meet Mr. Johnson (unless he selects me as his VP). And he also has a significant other.

A woman. Gary's significant other is a woman. Just as Lying Lester's significant other is. A woman, that is. Still, if Lying Lester were gay and Gary Johnson was gay...

No matter, seeing as neither of us are. Gay, that is. No, we're both completely straight. Not only that, but we're both chick magnets. But there is nothing wrong with one Manly Man admiring another Manly Man. Nothing at all.

Which is why I started "Gary Johnson is Dreamy". Check it out if you feel the same way I do about Gary Johnson. I'm talking about wanting him to be president and nothing else (perverts!).

If you strongly desire a Libertarian like Gary to take the White House in 2016 (and, perhaps, sometimes think about Gary "taking" you) JOIN me on "Gary Johnson is Dreamy" and we'll discuss our mutual admiration of the Man who ought to be our next president.

Byline: This excellent and 100 percent not gay commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-109.


  1. Question:....Are there any bloggers, commenters, or posters, you have zero respect for?
    Answer:......Shaw Kenawe and all her butt buddies, and I’m not only referring to her personal hygiene!

  2. No, that's the wrong answer. The correct answer would be Rusty Schmuckelford.

  3. Lester forgot Rusty's butt buddies Willis and Dennis. I have zero respect for all three of them. Dennis is the worst, however. By far. I have negative respect for him.

    Shaw is a blogger I have much respect for. What I don't understand is why she puts up with Lester. I can't say I've got much respect for Lester either. Although this blog is funny. His one redeeming quality, I'd say... that he has it in him to make fun of himself like he does on this blog.

  4. I'm disappointed in you Dervie. I thought you knew that it is my other blog, rAtional nAtion uSA, where I make fun of my READERS... by lying to them. This is the blog where I treat my readers with respect... by telling them the truth. There is no blog where Lying Lester makes fun of himself. Why the hell would I do that? Being a superior human being, there is absolutely nothing he could make fun of himself about.

    As for Will and dmarks, they are among those Lying Lester lies to. And they LOVE it when I lie to them, which makes Lying Lester laugh... and anyone who makes Lying Lester laugh is OK in his book. Schmuckelford is another story. He is a douche that does NOT make Lying Lester laugh. So, I agree we can agree on that, Dervie. We both dislike Schmuckelford.

  5. Oh, and we both respect Shaw. Although I don't know why she puts up with YOU, Dervie.

  6. OK, so you making fun of yourself on both of your blogs is unintentional. Got it. Come to think of it, Lester unintentionally makes fun of himself on every blog he comments on as well...

  7. Excuse me, I meant you make fun of yourself on all three of your blogs. This would include the new one where you express your homosexual feelings for Gary Johnson. Unfortunately Mr. Johnson only supports Gay marriage. He isn't gay himself. Nor am I gay, as much as Lester might wish I was. Dennis might be in the closet, however. At least there is a strong possibility of it, I believe... given his obsession with "Weinergrams" and "homoerotica".

    In any case, even if I was gay, I would absolutely NOT be attracted to Lester!

  8. Get help derv, you are seriously in need of it.