Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Message To Hillary Clinton: I Hate Your Mother-Fucking Corrupt Pandering Pantsuit-Wearing Guts!

Does Hillary Clinton read this blog? I doubt it. If she does, however, I'd like to take this opportunity to let her know that I hate her mother-fucking corrupt pandering pantsuit-wearing POS lawyer guts with the intensity of an octillion hydrogen bombs detonating after being fired into the sun!

Frankly, I doubt I've ever felt this intensely regarding any human being who has ever lived, except for Bernie Sanders. Which means that I hate Hillary almost as much as I hate Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, the two wickedest and most power-mad individuals to ever hold the office of POTUS/CIC.

The problem with crooked Hillary is that the evidence shows she could be just as evil, IMO. I mean, the bitch accepts Saudi money via her "Global Initiative" slush fund (all the while never uttering a peep about how that country treats its women like shit)! And she's determined to win the presidency no matter how many lies she needs to tell. Which explains why she's gotten into a contest with Bernie Sanders regarding who can give away the most free stuff!

Because the bitch Hillary Clinton is a lying piece of shit lawyer who is about to be indicted, perhaps, just maybe, the Democrats need to look elsewhere for a candidate? Perhaps they can beg and plead with the studly Jim Webb to accept the nomination?

Yes, Miss Hillary claimed that Colin Powell also had a private email server when he was secretary of state and so she said "what's the big deal"? But this is utter bullshit. The fact of the matter is that NO previous Secretary of State has ever had a private email server running in their home from which they sent and received ALL of their correspondence while in office. The good news for her is that she (arguably) has plausible deniability as to whether or not she knew that the emails were classified. The bad news is the fact that if she asserts this as a defense she looks like a total incompetent and an utter moron.

Then there is also the fact that Hillary Clinton told her family and the President of Egypt that the Benghazi attack was an organized terrorist operation that had absolutely nothing to do with a video and then told the American citizens just the opposite. If that isn't proof-positive that the chick's a fucking liar then nothing is. And she also told this lie to the families of the four victims the same BS story, and that that the government was going to go after the fellow who made some Youtube video! Now she's implying that the families are aLL Lying (this Despite the Fact that the father of Ty Woods Has an in-time journal entry which substantiates his version of the story). SHAME!

But back to Hillary being evil. Do you think she made a deal with Satan to secure the Democrat nomination? I don't, given the fact that Satan is imaginary. But if he were real? Yeah, then I definitely think the shrill, shriveled up old hag would have sold her soul in order to become the leader of the free world. Fuck her!

Perhaps some day a woman might run for the White House who would make a good president. Maybe. Although, perhaps not, given the fact that A) chicks have babies and when raising those babies miss out on life experiences (which explains why any given man, by and large, will be more qualified), and B) women lie constantly (about things such as rape). Hillary herself has lied (and continues to lie) about the rapes committed by her husband.

My point is that the woman president we're waiting for is NOT HRC! Also, should we really have being a woman be one of the factors we use in selecting the leader of the free world? As opposed to choosing the person best qualified for the job (regardless of sex)? So that person will likely ALWAYS be a man. But that isn't sexist. Although the last time out the electorate chose a man, but they chose him just because he was Black! What's next pRogressives? Some transgender for president?

Byline: This outraged commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-241.

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