Friday, March 18, 2016

Liberal Regressive Buffoons Can't Stop Bashing Donald Trump (And They Refuse To Point Out How Awesome Gary Johnson Is)

Leftist Jew buffoon Carl Bernstein recently referred to Donald Trump as a "Neo Fascist". Yeah. I just wish that these partisan media hacks would show at least a semblance of consistency. Like, I don't know, maybe also pointing out that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse apparently wants to prosecute global warming skeptics, that a large percentage of public colleges and universities are essentially outlawing freedom of speech, that conservative speakers are routinely shouted down at numerous campuses throughout the country.

That Senator Sanders (another Jew) has literally zero regard for the non-aggression principle and wants to hold a gun to our head and confiscate private property. Frankly it sickens me that so many of these Leftist fascists want to fuck rich Makers up the ass (figuratively) so they can give away more free stuff!

OUTRAGEOUS! Also outrageous? President Obama has used executive orders to make and change laws and to do so in a blatantly political way. And, for the record, it was wrong when Bush did it too. Clearly the Liberal media has no concept of fair. But would that be too much to ask? I mean, why the hell aren't they pointing out how awesome Gary Johnson is? Because they're either Liberal buffoons or Neo-Cons (emphasis on the "con").

However, truth be told, Fox (even though it gives Neo-Cons a platform) is not as bad as MSNBC. Sure, they're both biased, no question about it. But over the past several years, Fox has added Ed Henry, John Roberts, Howie Kurtz, and Maria Bartiromo (hell, they've even added Dennis Kucinich and the ragin' Cajun, James Carville).

Compare that to MSNBC which has done little more than plop additional leftist guttersnipes to its already full-to-the-brim posse of skin-crawlers/stooges. It isn't even a contest at this point, folks. MSNBC is significantly worse.

And MSNBC practically bashes Trump 24-7. That's when they're not airing "Lock Up" reruns. Pathetic. How about some air time for the awesome Gary Johnson, for Christ? This is the man who should be our next president, IMO. Not Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton! But the American electorate is as stupid as a Dunkin Donuts employee who apparently has an inability to process the phrase, "lightly toasted" (yeah, one of those motherfuckers messed up my order). I suppose that Bernie wants to pay these folks $15 an hour, too!

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-208.

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