Friday, May 13, 2016

Feminazis Need To Accept The Fact That Men R Superior & Halt Their Persecution Agenda!

My thoughts on nature and equality are that the former never got the memo about the latter and it is highly doubtful that it ever will (nonstop social-engineering notwithstanding). Obviously men are biologically superior to women, explaining why they are in charge and make more money.

Radical Marxist feminists (AKA feminazis), via their nonstop social-engineering, think they can change this reality. Their agenda being a flipping of the script. Something they have been successful at to a frightening degree. Which explains why in today's society men are the sex being persecuted and oppressed!

The feminazis' tactics include falsely accusing men of rape, falsely accusing men who they've had sex with of fathering their bastard kids (when they likely got inseminated by some lesbo using an infant medicine syringe and the sperm of some gay dude - resulting in the indentured servitude of innocent men), and whining about a "patriarchy" that doesn't exist!

P.S. And, no, I don't live in Europe or CanaDUH so you can't arrest me. Sorry.

Image: Picture I found that does a good job of relating the facts regarding the many ways in which a man's brain is superior to a woman's. Excellent graphic, with the exception of crediting an imaginary "God".

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of unfacts. LLIN-244.

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