Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Completely & Unequivocally Disagree With Everything You Have To Say, Yet There May be Something I Can Learn From You

Realizing there is something to be learned from everyone does not require you to accept another's views or premise in total, or even in part. But unless a person keeps a active mind they are stunting their own growth. I use as an example myself - enough said?

And yet, on the other hand, ole Lying Lester with his beating dead horses, social response pages and banning of those I disagree with from my blog is me paying myself the highest compliment. I'll pretend to be listening - and might actually mull what you have to say - but in the end I will reject it categorically.

But still I can learn from the encounter. What I often learn is how absolutely right I am and how utterly wrong everyone who disagrees with me is. Every time I engage someone I disagree with and mull over what they have to say... the end result is me almost always realizing how brilliant I am and how right I was all along. Yes, it does feel good to have one's beliefs validate by conversing with someone not as superior as yourself.

In any case, it is pretty obvious the political wars will continue, as the have throughout time. The worst may be yet to come. Or maybe we've seen the worst. I suppose it depends on one's historical perspective. I'm beginning to ramble, and so I take my leave.

Byline: This superior blog post sprang from the exceptional mind of Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-031.


  1. And I I Completely & Unequivocally Disagree With Everything You Have To Say

  2. Another stupid thread by an adolescent poster..
    And I Completely & Unequivocally Agree With Everything The Above Commenter Said.
    But I'll Add The Following.... Fuck you.

    1. Lying Lester is a full grown adult male who is likely a bit older than you, sonny. Also, Lying Lester returns respect with respect, as grownups do, unlike the commenter above who demonstrates his adolescent mindset. And Lying Lester keeps an open mind, unlike the commenter above who admits his mind is closed. I feel pity toward "My Mind's Made Up".

  3. Lying Lester is a full Blowen Idiot.
    With an accent on Idiot.