Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chelsea Clinton Pregnant & Lying Lester Goes Bonkers!

The event of Chelsea Clinton being with child should not be a big deal, but Progressives apparently are going bonkers with suggestions that it's no coincidence and that said baby will be used as a "prop" to get Hillary elected!

Well, I suppose if Momma Hillary gets herself elected to the presidency of our developing Oligarchy it may be a big deal because we may be looking at a possible Clinton Dynasty right here in America, and that is causing Lying Lester to go absolutely bonkers!

At any rate one of the bastions of progressive "journalism" Crooks and Liars just couldn't help themselves and threw out the bait in their article "Will Chelsea Clinton's Pregnancy Become Another Right Wing Conspiracy?"...

...But I'm forgetting myself because Hillary is not allowed to be a happy mother. We may see a normal life unfolding, but Teabirchers see coverups and conspiracies.


I wouldn't be surprised at all if Hillary gets asked to comment on Chelsea's pregnancy by the media, since that's only natural, right? But after that happens more than once I really expect Limbaugh and all the wannabees to scream bloody murder that Chelsea's announcement was staged, a set-up plot which is being aided by the librul media to cover up Benghazzzzzzzziiii! (Source).

And they say conservatives can't let a sleeping dog lie and intentionally keep pointless BS alive. Who cares really that I, Lying Lester am lying about painting this as a Progressive conspiracy theory?

Newsmax host Steve Malzberg on Thursday speculated that Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy was no accident, and that the conception of Hillary's grandchild was "arranged" so that it would arrive just in time to serve as a "prop" for a widely expected 2016 presidential run. (Source).

Huh. Looks like I was wrong. I suppose could have looked up whether or not this was real conspiracy (that Progressives are saying Conservatives will go bonkers). Instead I simply assumed that Conservatives were not saying such things and Crooks and Liars just made it up. Why? Because I'm biased against Progressives and will automatically assume a Progressive News organization is full of shit.

Turns out it's me, Lying Lester, who is full of shit. Similar to when I said this blog was "closed", yet here I am posting again. Oh, well. Have a Good "Good Friday" and a "Happy Easter".

Byline: This 22nd LLIN bonkers commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of pointless BS. LLIN-022.


  1. I guess we can always use another baby Pig in the pen.

  2. The Best that can happen: : There isn't any.

    The Worst tha can happen: : The world doesn't need another cockroach.


  3. We can all agree that the pro-choice daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton pregnant, and that’s a good thing. Hopefully we can put the shit that the Cons are saying “ She got pregnant to distract people from Benghazi” to rest..
    The only question worth left debating is what will change when Barack Obama leaves office. All the Obama-related racial craziness will, obviously, end. But we shouldn’t count on that for much. True, the next president will apparently be a Caucasian one, but racial controversies will still occur, black celebrities will continue to die, juries will keep letting George Zimmermans off. We are going to be divided by the same things we always have.

    Still and all, some progress has been made in the Obama era. Outside that ugly whatever-percent-it-is, most Americans, even if they’re mixed on his job performance, feel that some historical settling of debts has occurred now that we crossed the barrier of electing a black president. Two-thirds of Americans admire the first lady. Millions of young children are growing up thinking that Barack Obama is what a president is supposed to look like. All this means there is some good left in America after all.