Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lying Lester Asks: Is High Speed Rail Feasible Or A sOcialist Pipe Dream?

Having high speed efficient rail is a dream come true - in sOcialist Europe. Here in the USA we remain if not light years behind Europe certainly we are stuck in the technology of yesteryear. Perhaps this is because Europe simply sees more value in high speed rail, it is after all more efficient than the personal automobile. Maybe Europe is not so tied up in paradigms created through years of habit as the USA?

But Lying Lester suspects that if the American people wanted high speed efficient rail - and were willing to pay for it - high speed rail service would become a reality in the USA. High speed efficient rail service is extremely costly. While the ideal situation would be for private capital to build and operate a high speed rail system in America it is not practical due to regulatory constraints. Therefore no private sector company - even if it had the capital - would do so.

Which is why we must do away with these rEgulations and red tape that are preventing high speed rail in the United States. Only by allowing our wealthy overlords to build and then profit tremendously from this endeavor will high speed rail ever become a reality in the United States.

It would pain me to say that for an endeavor of the magnitude of high speed rail service to ever become reality in the USA it will require a a population desirous of it as well as one wiling to pay for it through taxation - which is why I REFUSE to say such a thing.

No, high speed rail, should we ever have it in the United States, MUST be built by the private sector. Europe has made it happen and Europeans are quite happy with their world class high speed rail system. America, being the exceptional nation we have become to believe we are ought to be able to out do the Europeans. Shouldn't we?

And should we not be able to do it the American way? Which would be to build it not by taxing our citizens and then providing for them a needed service at a reasonable price, but by clearing away the red tape and allowing the capitalists to build and profit from it?

Just remember that sOcialism is NEVER the answer and arguments that say government-funded high speed rail would benefit us by providing for improved transportation at a reduced cost that positively impacts the environment should be REJECTED!

Lying Lester strongly believes that if the capitalists cannot profit (and PROFIT big time) then high speed rail should never come to the USA. Remember that high-speed rail was one of the ways our sOcialist POUTS thought he could show us that that government is capable of doing big things?

Well, as it turns out thus far he has proved just the opposite, what with the rEpublicans obstructing him in Congress and rEpublican governors rejecting sOcialist funding for such projects. Let us hope that they continue to do so.

Byline: This free market championing commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of Untruth. LLIN-101.

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