Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lying Lester Has Never Cracked For Al Sharpton And Likely Never Will

Although I have "cracked" while watching the programs of other political pundits, I will admit. I simply have never "cracked" while watching Politics Nation, which is the MSNBC program hosted by the Reverend Al.

Getting "cracked" or "cracking" is getting high on crack, BTW. This is something I like to do at the end of a stressful day to relax and wind down. Light up my crack pipe, that is. And tune my TV into some political punditry program while I get cracked out of my gourd. Just not Sharpton's.

Having said the above I must say I agree with Sharpton's analysis that Senator Rand Paul's efforts to reach out to the black community could hurt the democrats in 2016 should Paul be the eventual nominee. If Senator Paul is sincere, if he convincingly demonstrates his understanding of the black community's concerns and acts accordingly over the next two years he, and the rEpublican sate could be quite formidable.

So long as he doesn't mention his dislike of the provision in Civil Rights legislation that demanded owners of private businesses be prohibited from discriminating based on race. Paul previously said he thought private business owners should be allowed to discriminate if they wish.

That would not be a bad thing. Even racists have rights. But rEpublicans, while they may have had a good track record of pandering to the racists in their ranks, now must begin recognizing the nation's changing demographics and the concerns, aspirations, fears, and the realities this change will bring.

The reality being that the rEpublicans will become a permanent minority party unless responsible fiscal conservatives take the reigns of the party (from the hands of the most virulent Tea Party folks) and give American's of all persuasions multiple reasons to vote FOR them rather than against the dEmocrats.

That, or cheat even more. The issues facing this nation both fiscally and socially are large. Placing the importance of resolving these issues in the best interests of ALL Americans must trump the interests of party and special interests. It is possible Senator Paul knows this, is prepared to set the right tone, believes it is time do the right thing, and will walk the talk. Or at least be prepared to do his best to trick voters into believing he's walking the talk.

Let's hope he is - and that he will. Take the low road of trying to instil fear and lie to the American people to win, that is. Because actually doing what is in the best interests of ALL Americans - instead of just the rich ones - would be a very bad thing.

And also quite unRandian. This is why I, Lying Lester, hope that Rand Paul, a professed devotee of the great Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand - so much a devotee that he changed his name from "Randal" in her honor - gets with the program and does what is necessary to win the presidency. Which would be him lying his ass off.

Then he might be able to roll back that provision of the Civil Rights legislation he doesn't like so racist business owners can discriminate against whomever they choose. And drastically lower taxes on the oligarchs, of course.

Byline: This awesome commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of smoking crack. LLIN-153.

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