Sunday, June 14, 2015

Willis Hart's Lying Lester Blog Hostile Takeover

Hi, my name is Willis Hart. Awhile ago the proprietor of this blog, Lying Lester (note: I prefer to call him "Les" and will do so henceforth in this commentary), allowed me to comment here. As a condition of me bringing my considerable talents to this blog I negotiated for partial ownership in LLIN.

Initially my ownership in LLIN only amounted to about 20 percent. Much of the other shares of stock in LLIN Les sold to some investors in order to keep the blog going...

But if I'm going to tell this story I should start from the beginning... My friend Les began this blog as a sole proprietorship (he owned 100 percent of the shares). After he decided to shut down LLIN at the insistence of Octopus, LLIN was briefly transferred over to some friend of Les' named Lyle. When Lyle died in an unfortunate skydiving accident, ownership in LLIN reverted to Les.

But when Les became the owner of LLIN again he discovered the blog finances had been badly mismanaged. Long story short, LLIN was deeply in the red. Les thought he could earn the cash to keep LLIN by building up readership. In pursuit of this, Les brought me on (and signed 20 percent of LLIN over to me). He figured that my skill at authoring commentaries from the Libertarian perspective would attract new readers as well as advertisers.

He was right, of course. After I joined this blog as a contributor revenues went up. But it wasn't enough. The bill collectors demanded to be paid, but the money coming in was just not enough. That is when I agreed to purchase additional shares of stock in LLIN. That way Les could pay the bills and LLIN would not be forced into bankruptcy.

Eventually I ended up owning more shares in LLIN then anyone else when Les sold me the shares that increased my ownership to 49 percent. I told him I would support him staying on as proprietor, and I would remain a contributor. I already have my own blog (Contra O'Reilly), and was content with running things there.

But then I thought, Les has another blog (rAtional nAtion uSA), so he's already in charge there. If he were not in charge here? Well, it would not be that big a deal. I mean, he does not post that much here anyway. Clearly, lying to his readers on RNUSA is his priority.

That is when I got to thinking that this blog needed a new direction under new management. So I went to the other shareholders and convinced them to vote for me as the new proprietor of LLIN. This is what is known as a "hostile takeover". Hostile in that Les blew a gasket and security had to remove him from the building.

Now that I'm in charge the blog will henceforth be known as Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart's Lying Lester's Irrational Nation. Although I admit this title is a bit clunky, so I think we will go still go by LLIN for short.

Make no mistake, however... Les is out as proprietor and I am in. In charge as the new blog proprietor. Les will no longer author commentaries for this blog. No hard feelings, buddy. Hopefully we can still be friends. This was strictly a business decision. And LLIN, I suspect, will prosper under my superior leadership.

No insult to Les, as he still has RNUSA, and it is, from the appearance of thing, doing quite well. The problem here, I think, is that Les' heart just wasn't in it. Telling people the truth here on LLIN, that is. Turns out he prefers lying. Even though he professed to like having a blog he could be honest on.

But frankly it is my opinion that he lied about that.

Byline: This excellenter commentary was authored by Willis Hart. Purveyor of hostile blog takeovers. LLIN-162.

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