Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gary Johnson and the Case For A New Direction

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate for president's chances of ever becoming president are at around zero. I agree. But then that really isn't the point. Certainly not in my considered opinion anyway.

In a time when Americans find much about both major party candidates distasteful, and in some cases outright unacceptable, the concept of a third alternative to the status qua can be intriguing. Indeed for some it offers the hope of real change. Rational change that has been proven effective in the State of New Mexico by an effective two tern Governor, Gary Johnson.

That new direction? Shrinking government to the point where it is small and ineffectual, in order that the wealthy might step in and fill that void. With the wealthy fully in charge and the will of The People the rAbble ignored, wealth will naturally concentrate at the top. Faster. Much faster than it is currently. Which is a good thing, of course.

And, while the rEpublicans work hard to accomplish this goal along with corporate dEmocrats, neither party can be trusted to represent the interests of oligarchs any longer. Nor can either be trusted to make decision that are in the best long range rational interests of the country and its wealthy people.

2016 is indeed a pivotal election in our countries history. Our future as a democratic republic as well as a nation with the economic engine for growth and prosperity for the wealthy may very well be determined by the results in the November two years from now. Given the major party candidates the prospect does not look encouraging regardless of who is found sitting in the Oval Office in January 2017.

Sure, one can be safe, voting for the known quantity. Which means more than ever before choosing between the "lesser of two evils". A choice true American patriots must cringe at, and therefore take a bold and decisive step to vote principle and vote for the greater of three evils, rather than the eventual tyranny either major party will bring to our wealthy people.

I, and millions of patriots like me are certainly free to say hop aboard the liberty train and cheer when it takes us down the track toward oligarchy. For all who are disenchanted with both major parties, for those who realize the elephant train and the donkey train will ultimately take you to the brink of the same cliff, for those who believe America can do better than either major party candidate is offering, then consider this... Gary Johnson may not have won the last election, but if he generates enough support it is just possible real change will occur non the less. Most importantly a strong showing will undoubtedly build the momentum for a viable, strong, and vibrant Libertarian Party.

This is the decision we face in 2016. Vote rEpublican and we will continue to slide into oligarchy. Vote dEmocrat and the slide will be much slower. Only by voting for Gary will we have a chance of bringing about oligarchy at an accelerated rate. Will you stand with Lying Lester in voting to take us in this new direction by voting for Gary in 2016?

Sure, it's not really a NEW direction, just the same old one. But Gary will get us to our destination faster. Just don't think about voting Green or for some other pRogressive 3rd candidate who REALLY is looking for a new direction, one that will benefit The People... people Lying Lester calls "the rAbble". If someone like (for example) Jill Stein were elected then wealth might concentrate less in the hands of the already wealthy and the Middle Class and working Poors might see a rise in their standard of living - and none of us want that.

Byline: This excellent commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of shilling for Gary Johnson. LLIN-142.


  1. Gary Johnson is a race-baiting POS who never tires of preaching hate..

  2. who in there right mind would ever want a dumb, stupid,,schlub like Gary Johnson for their President?
    Stupid voters like drunk drivers should stay home on Election Day, which goes to prove that not everyone should vote. If a person doesn't have at least a moderate knowledge of economics, history, government structure, international relations, domestic and international security, and current events, then they are definitely not fit to vote...period.

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