Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On Willis Hart Being FAR Superior To You

It is because I am not a surface thinker.

The old proprietor of this blog authored a commentary in which he claimed that he was a superior specimen. An elite member of the Higher Ordered Persons Society. While this was a statement I agreed with at the time, as of late it seems that the Jersey persona has taken complete control here. Sadly.

Let me explain... Previously I said that I thought there was something kinda fishy about this fellow. It's almost as if he's a little TOO textbook, I said. My suspicion was that he's probably somebody's alter-ego/sock-puppet. Now, not only do I stand by this suspicion, but I am convinced that Jersey McJones is Les Carpenter's sock puppet. I refer to the Les Carpenter of the blog rational nAtion uSA, the former proprietor of this blog. The dude who used the alias "Lord Lying Lester" when he authored commentaries for this site (or "sight", as Les might say).

Anyway, as it turns out, Les is just another surface thinker. This is a truth I have reluctantly been forced to acknowledge. The forcing coming after I, in a discussion concerning an inflammatory episode that we should not give so much credence to... Because it was one isolated (albeit admittedly revolting, although understandable) incident from which no greater conclusions should be drawn (in research we call it an anecdote).

I refer to the murder of some Black church goers in South Carolina recently. So what, I asked? Then I pointed to the stats that prove African Americans are violent animals that need to be watched very carefully... And that this watching should take the form of aggressive racial profiling. A nationwide stop-and-frisk on steroids, if you will. This is the only way to deter the hyper-violence of the black thugs perpetrated on innocent White citizens.

Of course I was attacked by the pompous blowhard Octopus, a low-ball jammer that never ventures from liberal echo chambers where the minions view him as some sort of sage, who stated that racial profiling is the same as racism.

Basically Octopus was arguing that "if you don't agree with me you're a racist", which would comical (granted, in a puerile manner) if it wasn't so rank, dangerous and despicable. I mean, you've got these demagogues like Shaw and Octopus who are just so incredibly limited when it comes to understanding even basic research going around crying foul when they don't even know what they're talking about. I say that when it gets to this level of depravity the saner elements of society have to call these idiots out.

The saner WHITE elements that realize how incredibly violent and criminally-inclined the Blacks are. Does this view make me a racist? Yes, it absolutely does! But for that I make no apologies. In fact, while I may be a racist, it is not because I hate black people, but because I realize Whites are much less violent. That is just a fact... so I like to think of myself as a "good racist". That is, someone who (with no hate), simply acknowledges the facts that prove Whites are less violent (and therefore more advanced, or "superior", if you will).

But I am certainly no Dlyann Roof, who is an anomaly, as I already pointed out. I mean, we must remember that the vast number of racial crimes in this country are black on white and that this whole idiotic narrative that blacks are constantly being hunted down by thousands of bloodthirsty racist whites is bullshit.

As well as a strawman I am quite proud of. THOUSANDS of bloodthirsty racist whites are HUNTING DOWN black people CONSTANTLY? Yeah, that is the sanctimonious leftist narrative (or that is my strawman version of what they argue). What they actually are saying is that racism is still very much a problem, and that these police killings and the Dylann Roof incident are but the worst examples of what this continuing problem with racism has yielded.

But I reject that rational argument (and replace it with my strawman). Why? Because the real argument plays against my narrative. A narrative that says blacks are inherently violent and more criminally inclined than Whites. And that recognizing this "fact" makes me a "good racist" and not a bad one (the bad ones being very rare).

In any case, these attacks from the likes of Octopus and Shaw were not unexpected. What was somewhat unexpected was that an individual who I considered a friend, Les Carpenter, joined in the attacking, saying (in regards to myself) "Of late he has drifted into more hard core fringe views". Acknowledging the truth is NOT "hardcore fringe", Les... Or should I say Jersey. Yes, this is another example of Les utilizing the Jersey persona, which he has been doing more and more of - without signing into the Jersey account.

Anyway - long story short - this is why I, Willis Hart, am truly a higher ordered person. While people like Octopus and Shaw are clearly lower ordered. And Les is, sadly, on the path to lower orderedness. So it is a good thing that I kicked him off this blog. He went back to lying on rAtional nAtion, which is what he does best. Although I think he should really stop lying about me.

Which is a noble tactic to use when it comes to the enemies of the truth as I see it. These enemies include loathsome individuals like Octopus, Shaw and even wd (a total creep who had the balls to think he could friend me on Facebook!).

This is part of the reason I am a superior person... I am one of the thin red threads between Radical Redneck (a racially insensitive buffoon and one of the bad racists) and Octopus (a hardcore racial demagogue). Demagogue? Perhaps I'm using that word incorrectly, as a demagogue is "a person... who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people"... And I'M the one being prejudiced. So I guess I'm the demagogue!

Still, I'm super pissed at Octopus. And one of the thin red threads between the bad racists and surface thinkers like Octopus who preach that the races are equal (when one race is provably more violent than the other). A "thin red thread" being a good racist and deep thinker such as myself. Which makes me, Willis Hart, FAR superior to most people. Sure, some people may call me arrogant for making such a statement, but I can survive in that space. You might even say that I embrace it (being superior, that is).

Byline: This superior commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of good racism. LLIN-170.

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  1. Sh*t! And all this time I thought I had a monopoly on parody blogs!

    Keep up the work, Willis!