Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cutting Off Government's Balls

If you're like me, Lying Lester, you worry frequently about America becoming a plutocracy. And, if you're a fool like me you think the answer is to neuter government. You see, the problem isn't that ultra-rich people are creating monopolies and forcing workers to accept low pay... no, those are both good things.

Lying Lester only has a problem when these ultra-rich people use their money to influence government. But cut off government's balls (by taking away all it's power to do anything) and these rich people won't bother buying off our elected officials (as they will have no power).

Then us ordinary folk with average wages will be able to stand up to the rich corporations. I mean, we COULD reform government so that it represented WE THE PEOPLE instead of the rich influence peddlers (via campaign finance reform, for example), but that would be a bad idea in Lying Lester's opinion.

Why? Because, as a nation of individuals, we're weaker when we join together. Just like the corporations who aggregate resources and thus become weaker. Take government out of the equation and we'll overcome our oppressors easily, because only then will the average citizen be on an equal footing with the mega rich and transnational corporations.

Yeah, that might sound counterintuitive, but it's the foundational principle of Objectivism and Libertarianism that dupes like me subscribe to. So, bring on the plutocracy, I say. Lying Lester can't wait to bow down to and serve the coming aristocracy of wealth.

But get government out of the way and off our backs (and the backs of the wealthy) FIRST. Because Lying Lester believes in survival of the fittest, and our new masters will be weak masters if government helped them achieve their wealth. They must do it without government's help. Only then will we know they are fit to rule.

One thing is for certain, however, and that is that WE THE PEOPLE are NOT fit to rule. This is why Lying Lester hates, and I mean absolutely LOATHES democracy. Democracy is, in the opinion of Lying Lester, rule by the parasites. Be they rich parasites buying influence, or poor parasites voting for the politicos who offer them the most free goodies (like the parasites who voted for Obama). That is why I always say the sooner we abolish democracy the better.

Byline: This ballsey LLIN commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth and possessor of extremely LARGE balls. LLIN-028.


  1. The absurdity of it all, Progresssive is as Progressive does, to crib Momma Gump. However, we'll skip the BS..

  2. I think that someone shout cut off YOUR Balls, then you'd be the female you always wanted to be

  3. Joan Jamerson must be thinking of herself. Lying Lester is quite happy being a manly man with a huge swinging sack.