Sunday, April 13, 2014

It Kinda Scares Me That Octopus Might Not Approve

Yesterday I, Lying Lester, published a commentary titled "The Affordable Care Act Stinks". And while, before getting to my thoughts on the issue, I first reaffirmed the fact that this blog is closing (at Octo's request), it does occur to me in retrospect that Octo might object to the content.

I was not sure exactly what it was that he objected to in the first place, but to be certain this last post had some actual content (my thoughts on one of the political issues of the day). It was not me talking about shutting down this blog or praising Octo (all praise that he deserves and which I stand by, for the record).

But the last time I published a post containing political commentary Octo reprimanded me and told me to shut down this blog. At first I did not agree about closing it, but when Octo got that news he just about blew a gasket.

That is when I reconsidered and decided Octo was right and that this blog had to be closed down. So what the hell am I doing still writing posts? I suppose Octo might not find out, as he counseled all his friends and associates to never visit this blog again.

But what if someone does and reports back to him? Frankly that scares me a little. I surely do not want Octo to find out I did anything to question his authority. The consequences could be quite severe. Maybe I should just delete everything and trash can my idea about selling LLIN?

That would be a shame, as I have gotten a few bids so far and it's looking promising that I might recoup what I invested in opening this site. I'm not sure what I should do. Sell it fast, I think, and get back to what I do best... which would be writing for my joke blog, rAtional nAtion uSA.

(RNUSA is a blog, by the way, that I encourage anyone who is desirous of a belly splitting laugh to visit. And it seems to be quite popular with Libertarians and Progressives alike, so if you fall into one of those two categories you'll probably fit right in).

Byline: This excellent 16th LLIN commentary was authored by Lord Lying Lester: Man of Reason (AKA Lester Nation). Purveyor of untruth. LLIN-016.


  1. I have a GREAT idea, sell the hidious asinine blog to me for Two Cents, and I will write the same stupid things that you are doing, but it will be with MY signature . And the that PRICK face, ASS-HOLE Octo won't blame you. And the the "amazingly " PRICK won't be able to blame you. And you can cowardly crawl back under your favorite rock.
    And all will be well again. The stupid blog would remain , you won't be blamed for it, and Octo could go FUCK himself, like always!
    How's that?

  2. What has Octo ever done to you, you have no reason to publicize a whole damned blog against him just keep it to yourself or better yet stop inflicting you opinions on the whole world!
    Why don't you just accept Octo for his amazing skills and his hatred towards republicans? You don't have to be part of a campaign for him or even against him.
    I think you need to rethink your opinions, as you seem to be largely basing your opinion of Octopus upon his fans and their attitude towards him. Seriously this blog has become a total freak show and a outlet for the anti Octo peole to voice their sadistic venom.

    There is no need to hate on him like this. Octo will respect you if you simply CLOSE DOWN this hate page , all his fans ask are that those who don't like him can just respect that others do and we will respect that you don't.
    Thank You.

  3. Mista Potato Head... This blog is PRO Octopus and NOT a "hate blog"! I most assuredly *do* accept Octo for his amazing skills. I was certain I was very clear on that matter. I can only assume that "Mista" did not read very carefully before leaving his comment that is 100 percent the opposite of the truth. I guess 9 posts saying this blog is shutting down is not enough for some people.

    I have been considering turning this blog into a shrine/tribute to Octopus' amazingness. I bet if I wrote post after post praising Octo (as I mostly have been doing) Mista would still think this was a "hate page".

    For the record, I will absolutely not sell this blog to Greg. Not for any price. He could offer me a million dollars and I would still say NO. In fact, I am now making that a condition of the sale. Any prospective buyer MUST promise that, if they ever do write anything about Octo, that it be only positive.

  4. A shrine for that Shit-Head? Are you for real?
    Or is that the "Joke"?
    The only shrine I 'd give him would be an Out-House.

  5. Octo's amazingness is most certainly no joke.

  6. Are you so afraid of Octopus from the Swash Zone, that you have to butter him/her up?
    Are so willing to throw RN under the Bus so that Octopus will like you? Kissing someone’s Ass is not the way to prove a point. And that is exactly what you constantly do. You are a worthless, useless, coward. As for Ration Nation USA, everyone knows that he’s a Jew haters. The truth about that has come out a long time ago. He is out and this Octo schmuck has been on his ass for the past few moths, not about the jew hating thing , but about what RN has been say about that prick Obama and his Wife. The Truth Hurts, don’t it!. Now go back to you getting butt fkicked by RN

    1. "Rational Nation" is the ID I use in conjunction with my other blog. I use the ID "Lying Lester" here to differentiate between the two. But I am RN... and no, I'm not willing to throw myself under a bus so that Octo will like me. Octo does not want me to dislike myself. Never "fkicked" myself in the butt. Also, I do not hate Jewish people. My point with that comment was that us fiscal conservatives should arm up and not go willing to the progressive gas chambers.

      BTW, Soapbox Kid, the Blogger ID "Steve" isn't yours, is it? Steve talks a lot about bloggers he does not like getting "fkicked" in the butt by me. For the record, I've never "fkicked" any male in the butt.