Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dick Morris Is A Loser. Yet, Not As Much Of A Loser As WD. Trust Me On This. I Hired A PI To Investigate Him

Did you know that Dick Morris is now employed at Newsmax, a low budget new station that I Can access for free on my Roku? Yeah, I guess that that's what happens (a major demotion) when you make one idiotic prognostication after another. Oh well, at least the fellow's still working.

As opposed to that fucker wd, a slant-headed miscreant blogger who obviously isn't. I mean, how else would he have time to write so many posts. For this year alone the total is up to 636! Yikes! The dude is clearly not working! If he was he wouldn't have the time to write 636 fucking posts.

Oh, no wait... that's MY blogging total. For my Contra O'Reilly blog (not counting the posts I've written for this blog).

Don't jump to any conclusions, however. In my case the fact that I blog 3 times a day (almost every day) means nothing. Blogging a lot only equals unemployment in wd's case, NOT mine. I'm a winner with a job that I make a LOT of money doing. And for which I get a LOT of respect. You can trust me on that.

As for wd, the REAL reason I know he is jobless is because I hired a private investigator to look into it. I only suspected that wd was a parent-basement-dwelling loser, but after I got the PI report I knew it for a fact.

Byline: This commentary was authored by Willis "I Love Strawmen" Hart. Purveyor of knowing everything there is to know about wd. LLIN-294.


  1. Dick Morris is no where near as big a loser as WD.

    1. Did you hire a PI to investigate me too?

  2. Says the "gaming industry" Taker. An industry that subsists on taking from actual productive people.